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Partnering with Parents

Barry Trute, Diane Hiebert-Murphy
Feb 2013 - University of Toronto Press
$88.00 USD - Hardback

Developmental Disabilities from Childhood to Adulthood

edited by Roxanne C. Dryden-Edwards, M.D., and Lee Combrinck-Graham, M.D.
May 2010 - Johns Hopkins University Press
$73.00 USD - Hardback

Appraising the Human Developmental Sciences

edited by Gary W. Ladd, with contributions by Jerome Kagan, John H. Flavell, Robert V. Kail, Robert S. Siegler, Mary K. Rothbart, Nancy Eisenberg, Claire Champion, Yue Ma, Carol S. Dweck, Bonita E. London, Thomas J. Berndt, Kenneth H. R...
Apr 2007 - Wayne State University Press
$36.99 USD - Paperback / softback

The Scales of Success

Sheelagh O'Donovan-Polten
Jun 2001 - University of Toronto Press
$49.95 USD - Paperback / softback