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The Work of Morris Davidson
Kevin D. Murphy
$45.00 USD - Paperback / softback
Reflections on Memorial Art, Loss, and the Spaces Between
James E. Young
$34.95 USD - Hardback
$34.95 USD - Electronic book text
$27.99 USD - Electronic book text
edited by Loretta Yarlow
$40.00 USD - Paperback / softback
Literature and the Other Arts
edited by David Hershberg
$35.00 USD - Paperback / softback
$35.00 USD - Paperback / softback
Content, Form, Meaning
Robert Tubbs
$59.95 USD - Hardback
$29.95 USD - Paperback / softback
$29.95 USD - Electronic book text
A Design History of Neighboring Cities
Richard Striner and Melissa Blair
$49.95 USD - Hardback
Crafting an American Icon
Janneken Smucker
$36.95 USD - Hardback
$36.95 USD - Electronic book text
$19.95 USD - Paperback / softback
Heritage, Ownership, and Intellectual Property
edited by Laetitia La Follette
$23.95 USD - Paperback / softback
The Smithsonian and the Transformation of the Universal Museum
William S. Walker
$28.95 USD - Paperback / softback
Harry Fenn's Career in Art
Sue Rainey
$49.95 USD - Hardback
Contemporary American Authors on Modern Art
Daniel Morris
$27.95 USD - Paperback / softback
African Americans and the American Art Museum
Bridget R. Cooks
$30.95 USD - Paperback / softback
Essays on Artaud
edited by Edward Scheer
$29.95 USD - Paperback / softback
edited by Patricia B. Santora, Margaret L. Dowell, and Jack E. Henningfield
$31.95 USD - Hardback
edited by Julia L. Hairston and Walter Stephens
$73.00 USD - Hardback
The Connected Worlds of Physics and Art
J. R. Leibowitz
$30.00 USD - Hardback
edited by Kenneth Hafertepe
$39.95 USD - Hardback
Visions of War and Peace
edited by Lindsey Kiang
$40.00 USD - Hardback
edited by Francis G. Couvares
$25.95 USD - Paperback / softback
Michael W. Fazio and Patrick A. Snadon
$87.00 USD - Hardback
Architectural Designs for Washington, D.C., from the Library of Congress
edited by C. Ford Peatross - with the assistance of Pamela Scott, Diane Tepfer, and Leslie Freudenheim
$61.00 USD - Hardback
Sorting the New Nineteenth-Century City
Diane Shaw
$51.00 USD - Hardback
Architecture and Ritual in American Law, 1658-1860
Martha J. McNamara
$49.00 USD - Hardback
An Illustrated History
edited by Mary Ellen Hayward and Frank R. Shivers, Jr. - with a foreword by Richard Hubbard Howland and contributions from Robert L. Alexander, Robert J. Brugger, John Dorsey, Charles B. Duff, Jr., Edward Gunts, Herbert H. Harwood, Jr.,...
$62.00 USD - Hardback
Frankish Culture at the End of the Crusades
edited by Daniel H. Weiss and Lisa Mahoney
$55.00 USD - Hardback
Sacred Parody in Enlightenment England
Ronald Paulson
$60.00 USD - Hardback
Change in Twentieth-Century American Photography
Gretchen Garner
$46.00 USD - Hardback
Its Origin, Evolution, and Distribution in North America
Robert F. Ensminger
$36.95 USD - Paperback / softback
David Charles Sloane and Beverlie Conant Sloane
$51.00 USD - Hardback