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State Parks and Jim Crow in the American South
William E. O'Brien
$39.95 USD - Hardback
Andrew Jackson Downing, 1815–1852
David Schuyler
$24.95 USD - Paperback / softback
Plans and Views of Public Parks
edited by Charles E. Beveridge, Lauren Meier, and Irene Mills
$74.95 USD - Hardback
The Last Great Projects, 1890–1895
Frederick Law Olmsted - edited by David Schuyler, Gregory Kaliss, and Jeffrey Schlossberg
$110.00 USD - Hardback
Design, Preservation, and the Creation of the Colonial Williamsburg Landscape
Elizabeth Hope Cushing
$39.95 USD - Hardback
$39.95 USD - Electronic book text
Ecology in the Ancient Mediterranean
J. Donald Hughes
$69.00 USD - Hardback
$30.95 USD - Paperback / softback
$30.95 USD - Electronic book text
The Early Boston Years, 1882–1890
edited by Ethan Carr, Amanda Gagel, and Michael Shapiro
$114.00 USD - Hardback
Olmsted, Vaux, and the Buffalo Park System
Francis R. Kowsky, photographs by Andy Olenick
$39.95 USD - Hardback
The Olmsted Firm and the Development of Brookline, Massachusetts
Keith N. Morgan, Elizabeth Hope Cushing, Roger G. Reed
$39.95 USD - Hardback
Art Action Agency
edited by Twylene Moyer, Glenn Harper
$29.95 USD - Paperback / softback
A Design History
Christopher Vernon
$39.95 USD - Hardback
edited by Robert E. Grese
$30.95 USD - Paperback / softback
Fletcher karson
$20.00 USD - Hardback
Jeffrey Hou, Julie M. Johnson, Laura J. Lawson
$40.00 USD - Paperback / softback
Garret Eckbo
$39.95 USD - Hardback
A Handbook of Agriculture, Horticulture, and Landscape Gardening
Robert Morris Copeland
$49.95 USD - Hardback
Samuel Parsons, Jr.
$39.95 USD - Hardback
Frank A. Waugh, introduction by Linda F. McClelland
$34.95 USD - Hardback
American Landscapes of the Country Place Era
Robin Karson, photographs by Carol Betsch
$39.95 USD - Hardback
$31.95 USD - Paperback / softback
Picturesque Landscapes of Memory and Boston's Mount Auburn Cemetery
Blanche M. G. Linden, foreword by William C. Clendaniel
$39.95 USD - Paperback / softback
A Guide for Citizens, Planners, and Policymakers
edited by Elisabeth M. Hamin, Priscilla Geigis, Linda Silka
$29.95 USD - Paperback / softback
Modernism and the National Park Dilemma
Ethan Carr
$39.95 USD - Hardback
Katharine Smith Reynolds and the Landscape of Reynolda
Catherine Howett
$39.95 USD - Hardback
Parks, Politics, and Patronage, 1874–1882
edited by Charles E. Beveridge, Carolyn F. Hoffman, and Kenneth Hawkins. Tina Hummel, Assistant Editor
$90.00 USD - Hardback
The Missouri Botanical Garden and Tower Grove Park
Carol Grove
$39.95 USD - Hardback
Architectural Designs for Washington, D.C., from the Library of Congress
edited by C. Ford Peatross - with the assistance of Pamela Scott, Diane Tepfer, and Leslie Freudenheim
$61.00 USD - Hardback
Settlement and Landscape in the Shenandoah Valley
Warren R. Hofstra
$30.00 USD - Paperback / softback
$52.00 USD - Hardback
Achievements in Civic Improvement in Some American Small Towns and Neighborhoods
John Nolen
$34.95 USD - Hardback
Architecture, Landscape, and Regional Identity
Gabrielle M. Lanier
$54.00 USD - Hardback