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October 2019

The Capital of Basketball

John McNamara
The celebration of Washington D.C. basketball is long overdue. The D.C. metro area stands second to none in its contributions to the game. Countless figures who have had a significant impact on the sport over the years have roots in the region, including E.B. Henderson, the first African-American certified to teach public school physical education, and Earl Lloyd, the first African-American to take the court in an actual NBA game. The city's Spingarn High School produced...

Cooperation with Evil

Kevin L. Flannery
Contemporary society very often asks of individuals and/or corporate entities that they perform actions connected in some way with the immoral actions of other individuals or entities. Typically, in the attempt to determine what would be unacceptable cooperation with such immoral actions, Christian scholars and authorities refer to the distinction, which appears in the writings of Alphonsus Liguori, between material and formal cooperation, the latter being connected in some way...

Luso-American Literatures and Cultures Today

Christopher Larkosh
Oct 2019 - Tagus Press
This issue of PLCS takes a transnational approach to contemporary Luso-American literatures and cultures from across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean, incorporating perspectives from both within and beyond the current set of canonical reference points. This issue also features literary contributions from urban centers such as Toronto, San Francisco, and Vancouver as well as authors whose work can be said to be "in transit" between North America and disparate points...

Good Governance in Economic Development

Sarah Biddulph
Oct 2019 - UBC Press
With isolationism and protectionism strengthening in response to the forces of globalization, the interrelationship of the national and supranational in shaping good governance norms has become increasingly relevant. Good Governance in Economic Development critically examines the transparency and accountability mechanisms underpinning international trade, finance, and investment regimes, particularly in view of the intensifying influence of...

The Grief of a Happy Life

Christopher Howell
In Christopher Howell's twelfth collection of poems, his gifts for elegy, humor, and lyricism are on full display. The Grief of a Happy Life explores the interplay between memory and imagination, celebrating the ways that happiness and grief inform one another and give our lives fullness and vitality. Arranged in four sections, Howell's poems feature not only these concerns, but a large and various cast of characters as well. Aeneas, Saint Theresa, Ovid, Kierkegaard, a German submarine, and so much more are...


Rebecca Scofield
Rodeo is a dangerous and painful performance in which only the strongest and most skilled riders succeed. In the popular imagination, the western rodeo hero is often a stoic white man who embodies the toughness and independence of America's frontier past. However, marginalized people have starred in rodeos since the very beginning. Cast out of popular western mythology and pushed to the fringes in everyday life, these cowboys and cowgirls found belonging and meaning at the rodeo,...

Tasting Paradise on Earth

Jin Feng
Preparing and consuming food is an integral part of identity formation, which in contemporary China embodies tension between fast-forward modernization and cultural nostalgia. Jin Feng's wide-ranging exploration of cities in the Lower Yangzi Delta—or Jiangnan, a region known for its paradisiacal beauty and abundant resources—illustrates how people preserve culinary inheritance while also revamping it for the new millennium. Throughout Chinese history, food nostalgia has generated cultural...

All God's Animals

Christopher Steck
The book is the first of its kind to draw together in conversation the views of the early Church, contemporary biblical and theological scholarship, and post-conciliar teachings. Steck develops a comprehensive, Catholic theology of animals based on an in-depth exploration of Catholicism's fundamental doctrines — trinitarian theology, Christology, pneumatology, eschatology, and soteriology.   All God's Animals makes two central claims. First, we can hope that...

Bootstraps Need Boots

Hugh Segal
Oct 2019 - UBC Press
For more than four decades, Hugh Segal has been one of the leading voices of progressive conservatism in Canada. A selfdescribed Red Tory warrior who disdained "boot strap" approaches to poverty, he has always promoted policies, especially a basic annual income, to help the most economically vulnerable. Why would a lifelong Conservative support something so radical? In this revealing memoir, Segal shares how his life and experiences brought him to this most...

Capturing Hill 70

Douglas E. Delaney
Oct 2019 - UBC Press
In August 1917, the Canadian Corps captured Hill 70, vital terrain just north of the French town of Lens. The Canadians suffered some 5,400 casualties and in three harrowing days defeated twenty-one German counterattacks. This spectacularly successful but shockingly costly battle was as innovative as Vimy, yet few Canadians have heard of it. Capturing Hill 70 marks the centenary of this triumph by dissecting different facets of the battle, from planning and...

Duty to Dissent

Geoff Keelan
Oct 2019 - UBC Press
During the First World War, Henri Bourassa – fierce Canadian nationalist, politician, and journalist from Quebec – took centre stage in the national debates on Canada's participation in the war, its imperial ties to Britain, and Canada's place in the world. In Duty to Dissent, Geoff Keelan draws upon Bourassa's voluminous editorials in Le Devoir, the newspaper he founded in 1910, to trace Bourassa's evolving perspective on the war's meaning and consequences. What emerges is not a...

Everyday Ethics

Michael Lamb
What might we learn if the study of ethics focused less on hard cases and more on the practices of everyday life? In Everyday Ethics, Michael Lamb and Brian Williams gather some of the world's leading scholars and practitioners of moral theology (including some GUP authors) to explore that question in dialogue with anthropology and the social sciences. Inspired by the work of Michael Banner, these scholars cross disciplinary boundaries to analyze the ethics of ordinary...

Everything is Relevant

Ken Lum
Oct 2019 - UBC Press
Everything is Relevant: Writings on Art and Life, 1991-2018 brings together texts by Canadian artist Ken Lum. They include diary entries, articles, catalogue essays, curatorial statements, a letter to an editor, and more. Along the way, the reader learns about late modern, postmodern, and contemporary art practices, as well as debates around issues such as race, class, and monumentality. Penetrating, insightful, and often moving, Lum's writings are essential for understanding his...

Humanity in Crisis

David Hollenbach
The major humanitarian crises of recent years are well known: the Shoah, the killing fields of Cambodia, the Rwandan genocide, the massacre in Bosnia, and the tsunami in Southeast Asia, not to mention bloody conflicts in South Sudan, Syria, and Afghanistan. Millions have been killed and many millions more have been driven from their homes; the number of refugees and internally displaced persons has reached record levels. Could these crises have been prevented? Why do...

The Political Economy of Resource Regulation

Andreas R. D. Sanders
Oct 2019 - UBC Press
Industrialist John Paul Getty famously quipped, "The meek shall inherit the earth, but not its mineral rights." Throughout history, natural resources have been sources of wealth and power and catalysts for war and peace. The case studies gathered in this innovative volume examine how the intersection of ideas, interest groups, international institutions, and political systems gave birth to distinctive regulatory regimes at...

Understanding William T. Vollmann

Işıl Özcan
In Understanding William T. Vollmann, Işıl Özcan studies the maturing career of one of the most important voices in contemporary letters. Vollmann's major works of fiction and nonfiction include his National Book Award winner, Europe Central; his highly acclaimed Seven Dreams novels; and his magnum opus, Rising Up and Rising Down: Some Thoughts on Violence, Urgent Means, and Justifications. Özcan examines the common threads that interlace Vollmann's corpus and grapples with the depth and complexity...

A World without Martha

Victoria Freeman
Oct 2019 - UBC Press
Victoria Freeman was only four when her parents followed medical advice and sent her sister away to a distant, overcrowded institution. Martha was not yet two, but in the 1960s there was little community acceptance or support-for raising children with intellectual disabilities at home. In this frank and moving memoir, Victoria describes growing up-in a world that excluded and dehumanized her sister, and how society's insistence that only a "normal" life was...

The Discovery of Being and Thomas Aquinas

Christopher M. Cullen
While there has been agreement among followers of Aquinas that being insofar as it is being (being qua being) is the subject of metaphysics, there is not agreement on how this being qua being is to be understood, nor on how we come to know the being that is the object of metaphysical investigation. The topic of what being is, as the object of the science of metaphysics, and how to account for the "discovery" of the being of metaphysics...

From Quills to Tweets

Andrea J. Dew
While today's presidential tweets may seem a light year apart from the scratch of quill pens during the era of the American Revolution, the importance of political communication is eternal. This book explores the roles that political narratives, media coverage, and evolving communication technologies have played in precipitating, shaping, and concluding or prolonging wars and revolutions over the course of US history. The case studies begin with the Sons of...

The Hibernensis

Roy Flechner
The Hibernensis is the longest and most comprehensive canon-law text to have circulated in Carolingian Europe. Compiled in Ireland in the late seventh or early eighth century, it exerted a strong and long-lasting influence on the development of European canon law. The present edition offers—for the first time—a complete text of the Hibernensis combining the two main branches of its manuscript transmission. This is accompanied by an English translation and a commentary that is both historical and...