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June 2021

Eternal Memory

Wiktoria Kudela-Świątek, translated by Guy Russell Torr
In Eternal Memory: Monuments and Memorials of the Holodomor, Wiktoria Kudela-Swiatek provides an in-depth examination of "places of memory" associated with the Great Famine of 1932–1933 in Ukraine, supplemented by photographs from across the globe that highlight both the uniqueness of individual monuments and their commonalities. The author investigates the history, aesthetics, and symbolism of a wide array of commemorative spaces, including...

Piercing the Clouds

edited by Kevin Zilverberg, Kevin Zilverberg, Scott Carl
This book's six essays pertain to the "piercing of the clouds," or the experience of heavenly mysteries, which characterizes lectio divina practiced well. Moreover, these peer-reviewed essays give special attention to the practice of lectio divina during preparation for ministry, especially the ministry of Catholic priests. That being said, any current or prospective Bible-reader may profit from this book; most of its content...

Introduction to Sacramental Theology

José Granados, foreword by David W. Fagerberg
Introduction to Sacramental Theology presents a complete overview of sacramental theology from the viewpoint of the body. This viewpoint is supported, in the first place, by Revelation, for which the sacraments are the place where we enter into contact with the body of the risen Jesus. It is a viewpoint, secondly, which is firmly rooted in our concrete human bodily experience, thus allowing for a strong connection between faith and...

Religious Tourism in Northern Thailand

Brooke Schedneck
Temples are everywhere in Chiang Mai, filled with tourists as well as saffron-robed monks of all ages. The monks participate in daily urban life here as elsewhere in Thailand, where Buddhism is promoted, protected, and valued as a tourist attraction. Yet this mountain city offers more than a fleeting, commodified tourist experience, as the encounters between foreign visitors and Buddhist monks can have long-lasting effects on both parties. These religious...

Restoring Ancient Beauty

edited by James Keating, James Keating
Until recently it has been commonplace to believe that Vatican II represents a permanent sidelining of the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas for theology. The documents of that council, it is said, moved away from the scholastic categories that had informed Catholic theological work since the Reformation, and most particularly since Vatican I. There is some truth to this, of course, since the council fathers preferred biblical formulations in a...

Homilies on Isaiah

Origen, translated by Elizabeth Ann Dively Lauro
Hans Urs von Balthasar places Origen of Alexandria "in rank . . . beside Augustine and Thomas" in "importance for the history of Christian thought," explaining that his "brilliance" has captivated theologians throughout history (Spirit and Fire, 1984, 1). This brilliance shines forth in his nine extant homilies on Isaiah, in which he employs his theology of the Trinity and Christ to exhort his audience to play their crucial role in salvation history. Origen reads Isaiah's vision...

Approaches to Teaching Austen's Persuasion

edited by Marcia M. Folsom, Marcia McClintock Folsom, John Wiltshire
Jane Austen is a favorite with many students, whether they've read her novels or viewed popular film adaptations. But Persuasion, completed at the end of her life, can be challenging for students to approach. They are surprised to meet a heroine so subdued and self-sacrificing, and the novel's setting during the Napoleonic wars may be unfamiliar. This volume provides teachers with avenues to explore the depths and richness of the...

Facing Georgetown's History

edited by Adam Rothman, Elsa Barraza Mendoza, foreword by Lauret Savoy
A microcosm of the history of American slavery in a collection of the most important primary and secondary readings on slavery at Georgetown University and among the Maryland Jesuits Georgetown University's early history, closely tied to that of the Society of Jesus in Maryland, is a microcosm of the history of American slavery: the entrenchment of chattel slavery in the tobacco economy of the...

New Horizons for Early Modern European Scholarship

edited by Ann Blair, Nicholas Popper
The study of early modern Europe has long been the source of some of the most creative and influential movements in historical scholarship. New Horizons for Early Modern European Scholarship explores recent developments in historiography both to exhibit the field's continuing vibrancy and to highlight emerging challenges to long-assumed truths. Essays examine •how key ideas and intellectual practices arose, circulated through scholarly culture, and...

The Borderline Personality Disorder Workbook

Déborah Ducasse, MD, and Véronique Brand-Arpon, MA
translated by Alison Duncan
This workbook provides individuals who are undergoing therapy for borderline personality disorder with the tools to help them evaluate their emotional state, develop strategies to manage their moods and increase tolerance to stress, and learn techniques that will enable them to form and maintain healthy relationships. When you have...

The Making of a Tropical Disease, second edition

Randall M. Packard
Malaria sickens hundreds of millions of people—and kills nearly a half a million—each year. Despite massive efforts to eradicate the disease, it remains a major public health problem in poorer tropical regions. But malaria has not always been concentrated in tropical areas. How did malaria disappear from other regions, and why does it persist in the tropics? From Russia to Bengal to Palm Beach, Randall M. Packard's far-ranging narrative shows how the history of malaria...


Christina Rice
By the early 1950s, Jane Russell (1921–2011) should have been forgotten. Her career was launched on what is arguably the most notorious advertising campaign in cinema history, which invited filmgoers to see Howard Hughes's The Outlaw (1943) and to "tussle with Russell." Throughout the 1940s, she was nicknamed the "motionless picture actress" and had only three films in theaters. With such a slow, inauspicious start, most aspiring actresses would...

One Hundred Years of Communist Experiments

edited by Vladimir Tismaneanu, Jordan Luber
Why has communism's humanist quest for freedom and social justice without exception resulted in the reign of terror and lies? The authors of this collective volume address this urgent question covering the one hundred years since Lenin's coup brought the first communist regime to power in St. Petersburg, Russia in November 1917. The first part of the volume is dedicated to the varieties of communist fantasies of salvation, and the remaining three consider...

Between Freedom and Equality

Barbara Boyle Torrey, Clara Myrick Green, foreword by James Fisher, Tanya Gaskins Hardy, Maurice Jackson
An original history of six generations of an African American family living in Washington, DC Between Freedom and Equality begins with the life of Capt. George Pointer, an enslaved African who purchased his freedom in 1793 while working for George Washington's Potomac Company. It follows the lives of six generations of his descendants as they lived...

Sharks in the Shallows

W. Clay Creswell,
Powerful and mysterious, sharks inspire both fascination and fear. Worldwide, oceans are home to some five-hundred species, and of those, fifty-six are known to reside in or pass through the waters off the coast of both North and South Carolina. At any given time, waders, swimmers, and surfers enjoying these waters are frequently within just one-hundred feet of a shark. While it's unnerving to know that sharks often swim just below the surface in the shallows, W. Clay...

Sharks in the Shallows

Clay Creswell, W. Clay Creswell
Powerful and mysterious, sharks inspire both fascination and fear. Worldwide, oceans are home to some five-hundred species, and of those, fifty-six are known to reside in or pass through the waters off the coast of both North and South Carolina. At any given time, waders, swimmers, and surfers enjoying these waters are frequently within just one-hundred feet of a shark. While it's unnerving to know that sharks often swim just below the surface in the shallows, W.

Metaphysical Disputation I

translated by Shane Duarte, Francisco Suarez
Francisco Suárez (1548-1617) was one of the most important philosophers and theologians of Early Modern Scholasticism. Although Suárez spent most of his academic career as a professor of theology, he is better known today for his Metaphysical Disputations (Salamanca, 1597). The present volume contains a facing-page English translation of Metaphysical Disputation I, which is introductory and devoted to the nature of...

Appealing Because He Is Appalling

edited by Tamari Kitossa, foreword by Tommy J. Curry, with contributions by Katerina Deliovsky, Delroy Hall, Dennis O. Howard, Dennis O. Howard, Elishma Khokhar, Kemar McIntosh, Leroy F. Moore, Watufani M. Poe, Satwinder Rehal, John G. Russell, Mohan Siddi, Elishma Noel, Tamari Kitossa, Leroy F. Moore, Jr., Watufani M. Poe, John G. Russell
This collection invites us to think about how African-descended men are seen as both appealing and appalling, and...

Ersatz in the Confederacy

Mary Elizabeth Massey, introduction by Barbara L. Bellows
First published by the University of South Carolina in 1952, Ersatz in the Confederacy remains the definitive study of the South's desperate struggle to overcome critical shortages of food, medicine, clothing, household goods, farming supplies, and tools during the Civil War. Mary Elizabeth Massey's seminal work carefully documents the ingenuity of the Confederates as they coped with shortages of...