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April 2019

The Kwee Family of Ciledug

Peter Post, with May Ling Thio
Apr 2019 - LM Publishers
This book is based upon a unique private collection of photographs and home movies of one Peranakan Chinese elite family, the Kwee family from Ciledug, owners of the sugar factory Djatipiring. It aims to bring the private lives of the modern Peranakan Chinese elite in colonial Java to the fore and asks to what extent ideas about progress, development and 'the modern' have affected their world-view and life-styles. This wonderful collection makes...

Olivia de Havilland

Victoria Amador
Legendary actress and two-time Academy Award winner Olivia de Havilland is best known for her role as Melanie Wilkes in Gone with the Wind (1939). She often inhabited characters who were delicate, elegant, and refined. At the same time, she was a survivor with a fierce desire to direct her own destiny on and off the screen. She fought and won a lawsuit against Warner Bros. over a contract dispute that changed the studio contract system forever. She is also noted for her long feud with her fellow...

Sabers through the Reich

William Stuart Nance, foreword by Robert M. Citino
In Sabers through the Reich, William Stuart Nance provides the first comprehensive operational history of American corps cavalry in the European Theater of Operations (ETO) during World War II. The corps cavalry had a substantive and direct impact on Allied success in almost every campaign, and served as offensive guards for armies across Europe, conducting reconnaissance, economy of force, and security missions, as...

Sir Barton and the Making of the Triple Crown

Jennifer S. Kelly, foreword by Steve Haskin
He was always destined to be a champion. Royally bred, with English and American classic winners in his pedigree, Sir Barton shone from birth, dubbed the "king of them all." But after a winless two-year-old season and a near-fatal illness, uncertainty clouded the start of Sir Barton's three-year-old season. Then his surprise victory in America's signature race, the Kentucky Derby, started him on the road to history, where he would go on to dominate the...

Systems Failure

Andrew Franta
The Enlightenment has long been understood—and often understood itself—as an age of systems. In 1759, Jean Le Rond d'Alembert, one of the architects of the Encyclopédie, claimed that "the true system of the world has been recognized, developed, and perfected." In Systems Failure, Andrew Franta challenges this view by exploring the fascination with failure and obsession with unpredictable social forces in a range of English authors from Samuel Johnson to Jane Austen. Franta...

The Favrot Family of Louisiana

G. Martin Moeller, Jr
The Favrot family is among the most venerable in Louisiana, with a continuous presence there dating to 1728. From the French colonial period, through four decades of Spanish colonial rule, followed by U.S. statehood, secession, and the Civil War, and ultimately into the modern era, the Favrots have remained influential. The family's story offers a lens through which to view the complex and often-turbulent history of Louisiana. This book traces the story of eight...

The Political Economy of Resource Management

edited by Andreas R. Dugstad Sanders, Pal Thonstad Sandvik, Espen Storli
Apr 2019 - UBC Press
Industrialist John Paul Getty famously quipped, "The meek shall inherit the earth, but not its mineral rights." Throughout history, natural resources have been sources of wealth and power and catalysts for war and peace. The case studies gathered in this innovative volume examine how the intersection of ideas, interest groups, international institutions, and political systems...

The Appointment

John Keeble
Apr 2019 - Lynx House Press
The action of this novel takes place in the West, but it is not a "Western"; and though its central focus is the life of Adaline Carson, daughter of the famed frontiersman Kit Carson, it is also not a biography. Set in the time of the California gold rush, it is a detailed and graphic elegy for America's wide-open plains, rivers, and mountains and the people who lived in and passed through them, for both good and ill. The Appointment is a clear-eyed vision of how greed, love, frontier mastery and...

Boston's Twentieth-Century Bicycling Renaissance

Lorenz J. Finison
At the end of the nineteenth century, cycling's popularity surged in the Boston area, but by 1900, the trend faded. Within the next few decades, automobiles became commonplace and roads were refashioned to serve them. Lorenz J. Finison argues that bicycling witnessed a renaissance in the 1970s as concerns over physical and environmental health coalesced. Whether cyclists hit the roads on their way to work or to work out, went off-road in the...

Indonesian Splendour / Indische pracht

Dennis A-Tjak, Bea Brommer
Apr 2019 - LM Publishers
Bilingual English / Dutch Indonesia's flora—with more than 45,000 plant varieties—is one of the most abundant in the world. Photographer Dennis A-Tjak has been making a name for himself as the portraitist of old flower varieties from countries that the Dutch East India Company traded with during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. What fascinates him...

The Knowable Emotions

Heikki Huotari
Apr 2019 - Lynx House Press
Heikki Huotari's poems oscillate between intense moments of scientific clarity and absurdist pirouettes that remind us that, while the "world" may be a dance of entropic chaos screened by a thin veneer of rational apology, the universe is largely a laughing matter. His work is absolute proof that Surrealism is not dead.

The Law Is (Not) for Kids

Ned Lecic, Marvin Zuker
Apr 2019 - UBC Press
In this practical guide to the law for the young people of Canada, Ned Lecic and Marvin Zuker provide an allencompassing, accurate manual meant to empower and educate youth and those that serve them. As advocates for the rights of children, the authors provide examples of how young people can get their legal rights enforced while also encouraging them to consider whether the rights of youth are sufficient or should be expanded. The Law is (Not)...

Lotty's Bench

Gerben Post
Apr 2019 - LM Publishers
August 26, 1945: Lotty Veffer arrived in Amsterdam. She was the only member of her family to have survived the war. Her parents and younger sister Carla had been gassed in Sobibor. There was no heartfelt welcome for her, and eventually she was forced to spend her first night back "home" in Amsterdam on a park bench on the Apollolaan. In September 2017, the ninety-six-year-old Lotty was honored with her own monument, a bench on the exact same spot where she had spent...

Métis Politics and Governance in Canada

Kelly Saunders, Janique Dubois
Apr 2019 - UBC Press
At a time when the Métis are becoming increasingly visible in Canadian politics, this timely book offers a practical guide for understanding who they are and the challenges they face on the path to selfgovernment. It shows how the Métis are giving life to Louis Riel's vision of a selfgoverning Métis Nation through the ongoing application of principles of governance that emerged during the fur trade era. Drawing on the Métis language – Michif – Kelly Saunders and Janique...

Nothing to Write Home About

Laura Ishiguro
Apr 2019 - UBC Press
Nothing to Write Home About uncovers the significance of British family correspondence sent between the United Kingdom and British Columbia between 1858 and 1914. Drawing on thousands of letters, Laura Ishiguro offers insights into epistolary topics including familial intimacy and conflict, everyday concerns such as boredom and food, and what correspondents chose not to write about. She shows that Britons used the...

A Queer Love Story

edited by Marilyn R. Schuster, foreword by Margaret Atwood
Apr 2019 - UBC Press
A Queer Love Story presents the first fifteen years of letters between Jane Rule – novelist and the first widely recognized "public lesbian" in North America – and Rick Bébout, journalist and editor with the Toronto-based Body Politic, an important incubator of LGBT thought and activism. Rule lived in a remote rural community on Galiano Island, British Columbia, but wrote a column for the magazine. Bébout resided in and was devoted...

The Sacking of Fallujah

Ross Caputi, Richard Hil, Donna Mulhearn
The Iraqi city of Fallujah has become an epicenter of geopolitical conflict, where foreign powers and non-state actors have repeatedly waged war in residential neighborhoods with staggering humanitarian consequences. The Sacking of Fallujah is the first comprehensive study of the three recent sieges of this city, including those by the United States in 2004 and the Iraqi-led operation to defeat ISIS in 2016. Unlike dominant military accounts that focus on American...

Taking Possession

Heidi Aronson Kolk
West of downtown St. Louis sits an 1851 town house that bears no obvious relationship to the monumental architecture, trendy condominiums, and sports stadia of its surroundings. Originally the residence of a fur-trade tycoon and now the Campbell House Museum, the house has been subject to energetic preservation and heritage work for some 130 years. In Taking Possession, Heidi Aronson Kolk explores the complex and sometimes contradictory motivations for...

Corporate Stakeholder Democracy

Robert Braun
Most practitioners and decision makers look at corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a socially responsible management practice on top of what company leaders generally do: focus on the sustainable, long term financial profitability of their corporation. This book focuses on a political understanding of CSR: the author bridges politics with corporate social responsibility and in a creative and provocative manner. Braun seeks to explore why and how...

Eurasian Integration and the Russian World

Aliaksei Kazharski
This volume examines Russian discourses of regionalism as a source of identity construction practices for the country's political and intellectual establishment. The overall purpose of the monograph is to demonstrate that, contrary to some assumptions, the transition trajectory of post-Soviet Russia has not been towards a liberal democratic nation state that is set to emulate Western political and normative standards. Instead, its...