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August 2019

Forgotten Voices

Carolyn Wakeman
The history inscribed in New England's meetinghouses waits to be told. There, colonists gathered for required worship on the Sabbath, for town meetings, and for court hearings. There, ministers and local officials, many of them slave owners, spoke about salvation, liberty, and justice. There, women before the Civil War found a role and a purpose outside their households. This innovative exploration of a coastal Connecticut town, birthplace of two governors and a...

Fragile Earth

Jennifer Stettler Parsons
Just as artists of the 19th and 20th centuries participated in forging an American natural history as explorers, cataloguers, collectors, and early environmentalists, contemporary artists continue to incorporate and comment on the natural world in their art. Motivated by the inexorable rise of urban-industrial development and the subsequent deterioration of our planet, artists confront the vulnerability of our environment and the effects of global climate change to...

Health Disparities in the United States, third edition

Donald A. Barr, MD, PhD
The health care system in the United States has been called the best in the world. Yet wide disparities persist between social groups, and many Americans suffer from poorer health than people in other developed countries. In this revised edition of Health Disparities in the United States, Donald A. Barr provides extensive new data about the ways low socioeconomic status, race, and ethnicity interact to...

Teaching Public Health

edited by Lisa M. Sullivan and Sandro Galea
As more students are drawn to public health as a field of study and a profession, bringing varied backgrounds and experiences with them, the number of public health programs and schools of public health has grown substantially. How can teachers meet the changing needs of incoming students—and ensure that graduates have the knowledge, skills, and attributes to pursue further education and forge successful careers in public health? Aimed at experienced and new teachers alike, this...

Al-Kitaab fii Tacallum al-cArabiyya Part One (PB), Third Edition

Kristen Brustad
Al-Kitaab Part One, Third Edition is the second book in the bestselling Al-Kitaab Arabic Language Program. Together with its Companion Website, Part One uses an integrated approach to develop skills in formal and colloquial Arabic, including reading, listening, speaking, writing, and cultural knowledge. This comprehensive program is designed for students in the early stages of learning Arabic. FEATURES of Al-Kitaab Part One,...

Alif Baa (HC), Third Edition

Kristen Brustad
Alif Baa, Third Edition is the first book in the bestselling Al-Kitaab Arabic Language Program. Together with its Companion Website, Alif Baa uses an integrated approach to develop skills in formal and colloquial Arabic, introducing students to letters and sounds. This comprehensive program is designed for students in the beginning stage of learning Arabic. FEATURES of Alif Baa with Companion Website • Students receive an access code for the Companion Website...

Alif Baa (PB), Third Edition

Kristen Brustad
The best-selling Alif Baa is the first volume of the Al-Kitaab Arabic language program third edition is now available as a multimedia textbook with added functionality and ease of use for students and teachers. In this edition of the introduction to Arabic letters and sounds, English-speaking students will find an innovative integration of colloquial and formal (spoken and written) Arabic. Together, the book and new companion website provide learners with all the...

Witness Tree

Lynda V. Mapes
Seasonal changes in nature are among the most readily observable clues to the biological effects of climate change. "It came to me," writes acclaimed environment reporter Lynda Mapes, "You could tell the story of climate change—and more—through a single, beloved, living thing: a tree." Mapes chronicles her yearlong quest to understand a wizened witness to our world: a red oak, over one hundred years old, in the Harvard Forest. A tree that has seen it all, from our changing...

Kentucky's Cookbook Heritage

John van Willigen
Food is a significant part of our daily lives and can be one of the most telling records of a time and place. Our meals—from what we eat, to how we prepare it, to how we consume it—illuminate our culture and history. As a result, cookbooks present a unique opportunity to analyze changing foodways and can yield surprising discoveries about society's tastes and priorities. In Kentucky's Cookbook Heritage, John van Willigen explores the state's...

Writing South Carolina

Aida Rogers
Founded in 2013 by Steven Lynn, dean of the South Carolina Honors College, this annual writing contest was designed to engage the state's future leaders and thinkers. Each year the Honors College invited South Carolina high school juniors and seniors to respond to the question "How can we make South Carolina better?" in 750 words or fewer, in the genre of their choice. The finalists, selected by a panel of preliminary judges, were invited to the...

The Art of Collecting

Bea Brommer
Aug 2019 - LM Publishers
Painters were fascinated by the tropical landscapes, picturesque villages and markets, and especially the diverse inhabitants of the Dutch East Indies. In the first half of the 20th century a large group of European artists known as the Beautiful Indies painters worked there. Today the qualities of these East Indies paintings are fully recognized. Focusing on the exceptional Colauto-Van Peperstraten collection, this book shows how private collectors played a pioneering role by becoming experts in...

Bauhaus Diaspora and Beyond

Philip Goad
Bauhaus Diaspora and Beyond: Transforming Education through Art, Architecture and Design presents an extraordinary new Australasian cultural history. Beginning in 1930, the arrival of émigré, internee, and refugee educators, exiles from Nazism, helped to transform art, architecture, and design in Australia and New Zealand. Fifteen thematic essays and twenty individual case studies, bringing to light a tremendous amount of new archival...

Cosmas of Prague

Janos M. Bak
The Latin-English bilingual volume presents the text of The Chronicle of the Czechs by Cosmas of Prague. Cosmas was born around 1045, educated in Liège, upon his return to Bohemia, he got married as well as became a priest. In 1086 he was appointed prebendary, a senior member of clergy in Prague. He completed the first book of the Chronicle in 1119, starting with the creation of the world and the earliest deeds of the Czechs up to Saint Adalbert. In...

Hair of the Dog

Christopher Howell
Hair of the Dog, edited by poet Christopher Howell, is the second installment of The Acme Poem Company's Zodiac Poetry Anthology Series. Hair of the Dog contains work collected from regional and national poets alike, setting them side by side to pay homage to "man's best friend." It features poems by Galway Kinnell, D. Nurkse, Ocean Vuong, Ilya Kamisnky, Paisley Reckdall, and the late Tony Hoagland.

Jewish Cuisine in Hungary

Andras Koerner
András Koerner refuses to accept that the vanished world of preShoah Hungarian Jewry and its cuisine should disappear virtually without a trace and feels compelled to reconstruct its culinary culture. His book presents eating habits not as isolated things, divorced from their social and religious contexts, but as organic parts of one's way of life. In the extraordinarily diverse world of Jews, what can and cannot be eaten is determined by not only absolute...

The Time Machine

Laura Kasischke
The Time Machine is Laura Kasischke's eleventh book of poetry. The Time Machine offers us surreal and transformative explorations of maternity, mortality, and memory. In the opening poem, Laura tells us: "This is what it feels like / to be a woman / who is also a vulture." In a sense, this collection is an elegy for the present self, at once a reminder of all we have lost and all we have to gain if we dig deeply into ourselves: "In the end, no / training was needed...I taught myself so well. / It's all I can do now."

To Count Our Days

Erskine Clarke
Columbia Theological Seminary's rich history provides a window into the social and intellectual life of the American South. Founded in 1828 as a Presbyterian seminary for the preparation of well-educated, mannerly ministers, it was located during its first one hundred years in Columbia, South Carolina. During the antebellum period, it was known for its affluent and intellectually sophisticated board, faculty, and students. Its leaders sought to follow a middle way on the...

Writing Cities

James Amelang
Only one out of every ten early modern Europeans lived in cities. Yet cities were crucial nodes, joining together producers and consumers, rulers and ruled, and believers in diverse faiths and futures. They also generated an enormous amount of writing, much of which focused on civic life itself. Yet despite its obvious importance, historians have paid surprisingly little attention to urban discourse; its forms, themes, emphases and silences all invite further study. This book...

The Long 1989

Piotr H. Kosicki
The fall of communism in Europe is now the frame of reference for any mass mobilization, from the Arab Spring to the Occupy movement to Brexit. Even thirty years on, 1989 still figures as a guide and motivation for political change. It is now a platitude to call 1989 a "world event," but the chapters in this volume show how it actually became one. The authors of these nine essays consider how revolutionary events in Europe resonated years later and thousands of miles away: in China and South...

Regionalism without Regions

Ulrich Schmied
This collective volume shows how Ukraine can best be understood through its regions and how the regions must be considered against the background of the nation. The overarching objective of the book is to challenge the dominance of the nation-state paradigm in the analyses of Ukraine by illustrating the interrelationship between national and regional dynamics of change. The authors—historians, sociologists, anthropologists, economists, literary critics and...