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December 2018

Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics

edited by Scott Paeth, Kevin Carnahan
The Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics continues to be an essential resource for students and faculty pursuing the latest developments in Christian and religious ethics, publishing refereed scholarly articles — a preeminent source for further research. The Journal also contains book reviews of the latest scholarship in the field.

Art AIDS America / Art AIDS America Chicago Boxed Set

Jonathan David Katz, Rock Hushka, Staci Boris
This slipcased boxed set contains the two volumes: Art AIDS America, published in 2015 to coincide with the original exhibit at the Tacoma Art Museum, and the new book Art AIDS America Chicago. Art AIDS America included work by Keith Haring, David Wojnarowicz, Peter Hujar, Robert Mapplethorpe, among many others. Taken together, these two volumes are a stunning overview of the artistic response over the last thirty years to the AIDS...

Aboriginal Peoples and the Law

James Reynolds
Dec 2018 - UBC Press
As part of the process of healing and reparation, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission urged a better understanding of Aboriginal law for all Canadians. This book responds to that call, outlining significant legal developments in straightforward, nontechnical language. James Reynolds provides the historical context needed to understand the relationship between Indigenous peoples and settlers and explains key topics such as sovereignty, treaties, fiduciary duties, the honor...

American Labour's Cold War Abroad

Andrew Carew
Dec 2018 - UBC Press
Carew presents a lively and clear account of what has largely been an unknown dimension of the Cold War. In impressive detail, Carew maps the international programs of the American Federation of Labour–Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL–CIO) during the Cold War and its relations with labour organizations abroad, in addition to providing a summary of the labour situation of a dozen or more countries including Finland, France, Italy, Germany, Japan,...

Art AIDS America Chicago

edited by Staci Boris
Dec 2018 - Lucia Marquand
The groundbreaking 2015 exhibition Art AIDS America, and the accompanying book, revealed the deep and unforgettable impact that HIV/AIDS had on American art from the early 1980s to the present. The national tour of the exhibit concluded its run at the Alphawood Gallery in Chicago, which had been founded in part to give the exhibition a Midwest venue. Now Art AIDS America Chicago looks at the issues raised by the original exhibition and book with from new, different perspectives. An entirely new set...

Fish Wars and Trout Travesties

George W. Colpitts
Dec 2018 - UBC Press
Today, efforts at environmental protection commonly take the form of "top-down" measures, in which overarching plans, usually based on scientific reports, are implemented through environmental legislation, which is then enforced at the local level. Fish Wars and Trout Travesties offers an instructive glimpse into an earlier era, before the state assumed its present degree of regulatory control over the environment. In southern Alberta...

How to Dress a Fish

Abigail Chabitnoy
In How to Dress a Fish, poet Abigail Chabitnoy, of Aleut descent, addresses the lives disrupted by US Indian boarding school policy. She pays particular attention to the life story of her great grandfather, Michael, who was taken from the Baptist Orphanage, Wood Island, Alaska, and sent to Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Pennsylvania. Incorporating extracts from Michael's boarding school records and early Russian ethnologies—while engaging Alutiiq language, storytelling motifs, and traditional...

Making Dances That Matter

Anna Halprin, Rachel Kaplan
Anna Halprin, vanguard postmodern dancer turned community artist and healer, has created ground-breaking dances with communities all over the world. Here, she presents her philosophy and experience, as well as step-by-step processes for bringing people together to create dances that foster individual and group well-being. At the heart of this book are accounts of two dances: the Planetary Dance, which continues to be performed throughout the world, and...

Nongirrna Marawili

edited by Cara Pinchbeck, with contributions by Henry Skerritt, Djambawa Marawili, with Kade McDonald
Noŋgirrŋa Marawili is one of the most distinctive Aboriginal artists working today. From her home in Yirrkala, Marawili has revolutionised the art of northeastern Arnhem Land while adhering to cultural protocols. In her prints, drawings and paintings - on paper, board, bark, larakitj, and aluminium - Marawili captures the landscape, radically transformed and reimagined in a very personal artistic vision.

Poetic Imagination in Japanese Art

edited by Maribeth Graybill
Dec 2018 - Portland Art Museum
Assembled over the last four decades and still growing, the Mary and Cheney Cowles collection of Japanese art is one of the finest in private hands in North America. What began for Cheney Cowles as an almost casual interest in collecting early Imari ware evolved, over time, into a passion for Japanese paintings and calligraphy. Cowles's tastes are broad and eclectic, embracing a dazzling diversity of styles and...

The Politics of Richard Wright

edited by Jane Anna Gordon, Cyrus Ernesto Zirakzadeh, with contributions by Richard Wright, Lewis R. Gordon, Cedric Robinson, Cyrus Ernesto Zirakzadeh, Marilyn Nissim-Sabat, Floyd W. Hayes, III, Paul Gilroy, Lori Marso, Tommy J. Curry, Kevin Gaines, Dorothy Stringer, William Dow, Perry S. Moskowitz, James B. Haile, III, Abdul R. JanMohamed, Laura Grattan, Jane Anna Gordon
A pillar of African American literature, Richard Wright is one of the most celebrated and controversial authors in...

The Theory and Craft of Digital Preservation

Trevor Owens
Many people believe that what is on the Internet will be around forever. At the same time, warnings of an impending "digital dark age"—where records of the recent past become completely lost or inaccessible—appear with regular frequency in the popular press. It's as if we need a system to safeguard our digital records for future scholars and researchers. Digital preservation experts, however, suggest that this is an illusory dream not worth chasing. Ensuring long-term access to digital...

Tom Three Persons

Hugh A. Dempsey
Dec 2018 - UBC Press
Tom Three Persons became a successful rancher at a time when Canadians did not expect Indians to succeed. His even greater claim to fame was in the rodeo arena—at the first Calgary Stampede in 1912 he won a world championship in bronc riding, and was the only Canadian to achieve a championship in any major event at the stampede. He became a hero, took up calf roping, and inspired generations of Blood Indians to success in the rodeo arena. But there was a dark side—Tom Three Persons...

Tough on Kids

Ross Gordon Green, Kearney Healy
Dec 2018 - UBC Press
Does our current system for dealing with young offenders – which focuses on punishment – work? Not according to the authors of this compelling and thought-provoking book. It simply ensures that we jail more youth than any other country, including the United States. Green and Healy argue that a new approach is needed and offer ample evidence from around the world, and our own back yard, to make the case for a shift to restorative justice. The voices of their young...

Under the Nakba Tree

Mowafa Said Househ
Dec 2018 - UBC Press
Mowafa's family fled Palestine in 1948 and arrived in Canada in the 1970s. His childhood was spent in Edmonton, Alberta, where he grew up as a visible minority and a Muslim whose family had a deeply fractured history. In the year 2000, Mowafa visited his family's homeland of Palestine. It was the beginning of the Second Intifada and Mowafa witnessed firsthand the effects of prolonged conflict and occupation. It was those observations and that experience that...

What Is Performance Art?

edited by Adam Geczy, Mimi Kelly
This new volume looks at the rich history of performance art in Australia through a multitude of perspectives. With this collection's thirty-nine contributions by scholars, curators, and artists covering more than three decades of practice, readers will enjoy both a comprehensive overview of the Australian performance art landscape and a rich trove of personal reflections from some of its pioneers and main proponents. Scholars: Heather Barker; Charles Green; Brad...

Clarence Brown

Gwenda Young, foreword by Kevin Brownlow
Dec 2018 - HFKEN
Greta Garbo proclaimed him as her favorite director. Actors, actresses, and even child stars were so at ease under his direction that they were able to deliver inspired and powerful performances. Academy–Award–nominated director Clarence Brown (1890–1987) worked with some of Hollywood's greatest stars, such as Clark Gable, Joan Crawford, Mickey Rooney, Katharine Hepburn, and Spencer Tracy. Known as the "star maker," he helped guide the acting career of child...

Kenneth Burke's Permanence and Change

Ann George
Since its publication in 1935, Kenneth Burke's Permanence and Change, a text that can serve as an introduction to all his theories, has become a landmark of rhetorical theory. Using new archival sources and contextualizing Burke in the past and present, Ann George offers the first sustained exploration of this work and seeks to clarify the challenging book for both amateurs and scholars of rhetoric.This companion to Permanence and Change explains Burke's theories through...

Recovering the Piedmont Past

edited by Timothy P. Grady, Andrew H. Myers, foreword by Melissa A. Walker
Continuing the theme of unexplored moments introduced in Recovering the Piedmont Past: Unexplored Moments in Nineteenth-Century Upcountry South Carolina History, Timothy P. Grady joins with Andrew H. Myers to edit this second anthology that uncovers the microhistory of this northwest region of the state. Topics include the influence of railroads on traveling circuses,...

Trophic Cascade

Camille T. Dungy
Winner of the Colorado Book Award in Poetry (2018) In this fourth book in a series of award-winning survival narratives, Dungy writes positioned at a fulcrum, bringing a new life into the world even as her elders are passing on. In a time of massive environmental degradation, violence and abuse of power, a world in which we all must survive, these poems resonate within and beyond the scope of the human realms, delicately balancing between conflicting loci of attention. Dwelling between vibrancy and its opposite,...