The Maryland Historical Society publishes books that bring forth rich episodes of Maryland’s history in a readable style that engages both scholarly and general audiences. MdHS publications bring into print the freshest and brightest new research on Maryland’s past. Historians at all stages of their careers are encouraged to submit their work for consideration. The society’s editor, with the MdHS Publications Committee, a voluntary advisory board, selects materials for publications.

Recent Titles from The Maryland Historical Society

Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte
Alexandra Deutsch
$35.00 USD - Paperback / softback
An Easy Question-and-Answer Guide
Donald R. Hickey
$15.00 USD - Paperback / softback
Helen Jean Burn
$22.00 USD - Paperback / softback
$34.00 USD - Paperback / softback
Classic Baltimore Neighborhood
Frank Remer Shivers, Jr.
$35.00 USD - Hardback
The Baltimore Sun in World War II
Joseph R. L. Sterne
$34.00 USD - Paperback / softback
A Waterborne Tradition, 1636–2000
Clara Ann Simmons
$34.00 USD - Paperback / softback
Black and White Resistance to Human Bondage, 1775–1865
T. Stephen Whitman
$20.00 USD - Paperback / softback
A Portrait Gallery
Suzanne Ellery Chapelle and Glenn O. Phillips
$20.00 USD - Paperback / softback
Henry C. Peden, Jr.
$18.00 USD - Paperback / softback
The Story of the Maryland Penitentiary
Wallace Shugg
$20.00 USD - Paperback / softback
The Civil War Letters of Private Walter G. Dunn & Emma Randolph
edited by Judith A. Bailey and Robert I. Cottom
$22.50 USD - Paperback / softback
Camay Calloway Murphy - illustrated by Tom Miller
$14.00 USD - Hardback