Forthcoming Titles

December 2018

Art in Seattle's Public Spaces

James M. Rupp, photographs by Miguel Edwards
From cedar totem poles to high-tech video installations, downtown Seattle sparkles with hundreds of artworks adorning plazas, lobbies, parks, and waterfront piers and paths. This impressive collection, comprising works by artists with regional or international reputations (and often both), has expanded rapidly as Seattle's urban core has grown. The explosive development of South Lake Union in recent years has brought major works by Jaume...

Concrete Mama, second edition

John A. McCoy, photographs by Ethan Hoffman, introduction by Dan Berger
Journalists John McCoy and Ethan Hoffman spent four months inside the walls of the Washington State Penitentiary at Walla Walla in 1978, just as Washington, once a leader in prison reform, abandoned its focus on reform and rehabilitation and returned to cell time and punishment. It was a brutal transition. McCoy and Hoffman roamed the maximum-security compound almost at will, observing and befriending prisoners and guards. The...

The Daughter

Hans-Bernd Zollner, Rodion Ebbighausen
Dec 2018 - Silkworm Books
As the Rohingya crisis exploded, observers of Myanmar were shocked to see Aung San Suu Kyi, champion for the causes of liberal democracy and human rights, stand by as atrocities tore apart the western reaches of her country. The Daughter is an in-depth exploration of this icon-turned-leader and of the people, ideas, and experiences that have shaped her political identity. What emerges is not a shift in ideology but a consistent picture of the contrasts and...

Dreams of Prosperity

edited by Silvia Vignato
Dec 2018 - Silkworm Books
This fresh and unusual collection offers a critical reflection on Southeast Asia as a progressively integrated space of production, exchange, and circulation within and beyond national boundaries. The essays describe the successful or unsuccessful entry of specific individuals or groups into wider markets and networks in their quest for prosperity—in Thailand, by Lua peasant farmers, slum families, the last century's teak laborers, and ethnic tour hosts;...

Gender and the Path to Awakening

Martin Seeger
Dec 2018 - Silkworm Books
In Gender and the Path to Awakening, Martin Seeger lays out the nuances and varying conceptions of female renunciation in modern Thai Buddhism. Centered on long-term textual and ethnographic research on six remarkable female practitioners, Seeger considers trends and changes over the last 140 years in the practices of female renunciants and their devotees. He also investigates understandings of female sainthood in Thai Buddhism, its expressions in...

Mirroring Power

Vanina Bouté
Dec 2018 - Silkworm Books
The Phunoy are a Tibeto-Burmese population group in Phongsaly Province that has long been considered acculturated because of its adoption of various features of neighboring Tai societies, particularly Buddhism. This pioneering ethnography examines the Phunoy's supposed acculturation and independent identity, demonstrating how the Phunoy emerged as a group and constructed a "mirroring" relationship with the various Tai and Lao realms dominating the...

Amherst Rotary Goes to War

edited by Mason I. Lowance, Jr.
Between 1941 and 1945, over sixteen million men and women served in the U.S. armed forces. In an effort to deepen our understanding of the Second World War and capture individual voices for posterity, this book collects twenty personal accounts from members of the Amherst Rotary who served. In these narratives, veterans share their stories, many for the first time. Edited by University of Massachusetts Professor Emeritus Mason Lowance Jr., the...

La Raza

edited by Colin Gunckel, with Luis Garza, Amy Scott
La Raza, launched in 1967 in the basement of an East LA church, was conceived as a tool for community-based organizing during the early days of the Chicano movement. The all-volunteer staff of the newspaper, and the magazine that followed, informed their readers and exhorted them to action through images and articles that showcased protests and demonstrations and documented pervasive social inequity and police abuse. La Raza's photographers played a critical role as artists, journalists, and...

Diabetes Head to Toe

Rita R. Kalyani, MD, MHS, Mark D. Corriere, MD, Thomas W. Donner, MD, and Michael W. Quartuccio, MD
Diabetes Head to Toe is an invaluable resource for anyone living with diabetes. It includes everything you should know about the disease—straight from the experts. The authors, all doctors who specialize in diabetes care, offer simple explanations and essential advice on all things diabetes. Accessible and concise, Diabetes Head to Toe...

The Politics of Richard Wright

edited by Jane Anna Gordon, Cyrus Ernesto Zirakzadeh, with contributions by Richard Wright, Lewis R. Gordon, Cedric Robinson, Cyrus Ernesto Zirakzadeh, Marilyn Nissim-Sabat, Floyd W. Hayes, III, Paul Gilroy, Lori Marso, Tommy J. Curry, Kevin Gaines, Dorothy Stringer, William Dow, Perry S. Moskowitz, James B. Haile, III, Abdul R. JanMohamed, Laura Grattan, Jane Anna Gordon
A pillar of African American literature, Richard Wright is one of the most celebrated and controversial authors in...

Understanding Jim Grimsley

David Deutsch
Since the early 1980s, Jim Grimsley has received increasing acclaim for his achievements in a variety of dramatic and literary genres. Through his novels, plays, and short stories, Grimsley portrays an unrelenting search for happiness and interrogates themes of corruption, technology, poverty, domestic abuse, sexuality, and faith in the contemporary United States. Through unique characters and a multitude of forms, the award-winning author explores the complexities of southern culture, his own troubled...

Ukrainian Bishop, American Church

Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak
Constantine Bohachevsky was not a typical bishop. On the eve of his unexpected nomination as bishop to the Ukrainian Catholics in America, in March 1924, the Vatican secretly whisked him from Warsaw to Rome to be ordained. He arrived in America that August to a bankrupt church and a hostile clergy. He stood his ground, and chose to live simple missionary life. He eschewed public pomp, as did his immigrant congregations.

Books for Idle Hours

Donna Harrington-Lueker
The publishing phenomenon of summer reading, often focused on novels set in vacation destinations, started in the nineteenth century, as both print culture and tourist culture expanded in the United States. As an emerging middle class increasingly embraced summer leisure as a marker of social status, book publishers sought new market opportunities, authors discovered a growing readership, and more readers indulged in lighter fare. Drawing...

Criminals and Enemies

edited by Austin Sarat, Lawrence Douglas, Martha Merrill Umphrey
Key binaries like public/private and speech/conduct are mainstays of the liberal legal system. However, the pairing of criminal/enemy has received little scholarly attention by comparison. Bringing together a group of distinguished and disciplinarily diverse scholars, Criminals and Enemies, the most recent volume in the Amherst Series in Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought, addresses this gap in the literature. Drawing on political philosophy, legal analysis,...

Understanding Francisco Goldman

Ariana E. Vigil
Award-winning writer and journalist Francisco Goldman is the author of novels and works of nonfiction and is a regular contributor to the New Yorker magazine. His awards include the Sue Kaufman Prize for First Fiction and the T. R. Fyvel Book Award, as well as a Guggenheim Fellowship. Born to a Guatemalan mother and Jewish American father, Goldman's heritage has shaped his unique perspective and has had a significant influence on his literary themes.In Understanding Francisco Goldman, the first...

Women and Gender Perspectives in the Military

edited by Robert Egnell, Mayesha Alam, foreword by Melanne Verveer
Women and Gender Perspectives in the Military compares the integration of women, gender perspectives, and the women, peace, and security agenda into the armed forces of eight countries plus NATO and United Nations peacekeeping operations. This book brings a much-needed crossnational analysis of how militaries have or have not improved gender balance, what has worked and what has not, and who have been...

Alfred Loisy and Modern Biblical Studies

Jeffrey L. Morrow
The French Catholic priest and biblical scholar Alfred Loisy (1857-1940) was at the heart of the Roman Catholic Modernist crisis in the early part of the twentieth century. He saw much of his work as an attempt to bring John Henry Newman's notion of development of doctrine into the realm of Catholic biblical studies, and thereby transform Catholic theology. This volume situates Loisy's better known works on the New Testament and theology in the context of his lesser known work in...

Reformers to Radicals

Thomas Kiffmeyer, Ph.D.
Dec 2018 - HFKEN
In his inaugural address, President John F. Kennedy challenged Americans to do something for their country. Thousands of young people answered his call, launching an era of flourishing social activism that eclipsed any in U.S. history. Citizens rallied behind an endless variety of social justice organizations to change the country's social and political landscape. As these social movements gained momentum, the severe poverty of the Appalachian region...

Staying Healthy Abroad

Christopher Sanford, M.D.
Dec 2018 - HFWSH
Whether planning a long weekend in Mexico or an African safari, travelers need current and practical information on protecting their health in foreign countries. Staying Healthy Abroad gives straightforward and easy-to-follow recommendations for those traveling for pleasure, study, business, or volunteer work; for short- or long-term stays; and to destinations ranging from rural areas to large cities, in both developing and industrialized nations. Observing that risk is...

The Things That Matter

edited by Heidi Geibel
In the final year of his long life, eminent Thomist philosopher Jacques Maritain prepared a final book for publication: a collection of previously unpublished writings entitled Approaches san entraves, later translated into English as Untrammeled Approaches. That collection, both in its conversational yet reverent tone and in its weighty topics – faith, love, truth, beauty – gives the reader the sense that she is receiving from a great teacher and...