Forthcoming Titles

April 2019

Rodnaya rech'

Irina Dubinina, Olesya Kisselev
Rodnaya rech', an introductory textbook for heritage learners, addresses the unique needs of students who have at least Intermediate-level listening and speaking skills on the ACTFL scale but who have underdeveloped or nonexistent literacy skills. With an emphasis on conceptual understanding of vocabulary and grammar, Rodnaya rech' builds students' literacy skills and teaches them to strategically use the linguistic intuition they have gained as...

Saving the Nation through Culture

Jie Gao
Apr 2019 - UBC Press
The Modern Chinese Folklore Movement coalesced at National Peking University between 1918 and 1926. A group of academics, inspired by Western thought, tried to revitalize the study of folklore to stave off postwar disillusionment with Chinese elite culture. By documenting this phenomenon's origins and evolution, Jie Gao opens a new chapter in the world history of the folklore movement. Largely unknown in the West and underappreciated in China, the Chinese...

The Nature of Canada

Colin M. Coates
Apr 2019 - UBC Press
Intended to delight and provoke, these short, beautifully crafted essays, enlivened with photos and illustrations, explore how humans have engaged with the Canadian environment and what those interactions say about the nature of Canada. Tracing a path from the Ice Age to the Anthropocene, some of the foremost stars in the field of environmental history reflect on how Canadians have idolized and found inspiration in nature even as fishers, fur traders, farmers, foresters, miners, and city planners have commodified it...

Putting Family First

edited by Harald Bauder
Apr 2019 - UBC Press
When migrants reach their new home, we often interpret their settlement and integration as an individual process driven largely by the labour market. But family plays a crucial role. Putting Family First investigates the experience of immigrant families settling in the Greater Toronto area, from newcomers' initial reception to their deep involvement in and attachment to their receiving society. Contributors explore such themes as the policy environment, children and...

Seattle Style

Clara Berg, foreword by Luly Yang
Seattle Style: Fashion/Function highlights how elegance and practicality coexisted and converged in Seattle wardrobes, providing new insights into local clothing, ranging from couture, to outdoor gear, to denim. The book features over fifty garments and accessories from the Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI) collection, revealing captivating stories about the city's sartorial spirit. Organized into four main sections, Seattle Style surveys key influences on local clothing.

Aquinas on Transubstantiation

Reinhard Hütter
Aquinas on Transubstantiation treats one of the most frequently mis-understood and mis-represented teachings of Thomas Aquinas—Eucharistic transubstantiation. The study interprets Aquinas's teaching as an exercise of "holy teaching" (sacra doctrina) that intends to show theologically and back up philosophically the simple yet profound thesis that "transubstantiation" affirms nothing but the truth of Christ's words at the Last Supper—"This is my body,"...

Barrio Harmonics

Steven Loza
This collection explores Chicano, Mexican, and Cuban musical forms and styles and their transformation in the United States. Employing musical, historical, and sociocultural analyses, Loza addresses issues such as marginality, identity, intercultural conflict and aesthetics, reinterpretation, postnationalism, and mestizaje—the mixing of race and culture—in the production and reception of Chicano/Latino music. Barrio Harmonics opens with a comprehensive overview that begins with music...

Imants Tillers

Elita Ansone, Graham Coulter-Smith, Mark Ledbury, Ian McLean, Imants Tillers
For the renowned artist Imants Tillers, whose career spans more than four decades of prolific creative practice, this "journey to nowhere" is neither a homecoming nor a departure, but a fertile and thought-provoking meeting of worlds. The son of Latvian parents who were displaced during the Second World War, Tillers was born in Sydney, Australia, where he spoke Latvian before English and long felt the pull of a distant culture.

May 2019

Alternatives to Democracy in Twentieth-Century

Sabrina P. Ramet
An original work of historical synthesis by an esteemed international scholar, this book offers the first comparative analysis of the four different types of collectivism (communism, Fascism; Nazism; anarchism) in twentieth-century Europe which aspired to create an 'alternative modernity'. The author presents not only the authoritarian alternatives to democracy of the past century, but also the experiment with anarchism...

Customs and Culture in Poland under the Last Saxon King

Oscar E. Swan
Jędrzej Kitowicz, a parish priest in central Poland, with a military and worldly past behind him, putting the affairs of his parish in order, in his mature years commenced to compose a colorful chronicle of all aspects and walks of life under king August III. He wrote apparently mostly from memory, creating in the process the most complete record that exists of society...

Strange Attractors

edited by Edie Meidav, Emmalie Dropkin
Has a stunning surprise or lucky encounter ever propelled you in an unanticipated direction? Are you doing what you always thought you would be doing with your life or has some unseen magnetism changed your course? And has that redirection come to seem inevitable? Edie Meidav and Emmalie Dropkin asked leading contemporary writers to consider these questions, which they characterize through the metaphor of "the strange attractor," a scientific theory describing an...

Decision in the Atlantic

edited by Marcus Faulkner, Christopher M. Bell, with contributions by Marc Milner, Christopher M. Bell, Kevin Smith, Tim Benbow, Ben Jones, James Goldrick, Marcus Faulkner, G. H. Bennett, David Kohnen
The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest campaign of the Second World War. This volume highlights the scale and complexity of this bitterly contested campaign, one that encompassed far more than just attacks by German U-boats on Allied shipping. The team of...

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Jeffrey P. Shepherd
The Guadalupe Mountains stand nearly 9,000 feet tall, spanning the far western fringe of Texas, the border of New Mexico, and the meeting point of the Southern Plains and Chihuahuan Desert. Long an iconic landmark of the Trans-Pecos region, the Guadalupe Mountains have played a critical role for the people in this beautiful corner of the Southwest borderlands. In the late 1960s, the area was finally designated a national park. ...

Becoming an Academic

Inger Mewburn
Welcome to the university, where the Academic Hunger Games, fueled by precarious employment conditions, is the new reality: a perpetual jostle for short-term contracts and the occasional plum job. But Inger Mewburn is here to tell you that life doesn't have to be so grim. A veteran of the university gig economy, Mewburn—aka The Thesis Whisperer—is perfectly placed to reflect on her experience and offer a wealth of practical strategies to survive and thrive. In Becoming...

The Black Skyscraper

Adrienne Brown
With the development of the first skyscrapers in the 1880s, urban built environments could expand vertically as well as horizontally. Tall buildings emerged in growing cities to house and manage the large and racially diverse populations of migrants and immigrants flocking to their centers following Reconstruction. Beginning with Chicago's early 10-story towers and concluding with the 1931 erection of the 102-story Empire State Building, Adrienne Brown's The Black Skyscraper...

Movable Markets

Helen Tangires
In nineteenth-century America, municipal deregulation of the butcher trade and state-incorporated market companies gave rise to a flourishing wholesale trade. In Movable Markets, Helen Tangires describes the evolution of the American wholesale marketplace for fresh food, from its development as a bustling produce district in the heart of the city to its current indiscernible place in food industrial parks on the urban periphery. Tangires follows the middlemen, those...

Revolutionary Networks

Joseph M. Adelman
During the American Revolution, printed material, including newspapers, pamphlets, almanacs, and broadsides, played a crucial role as a forum for public debate. In Revolutionary Networks, Joseph M. Adelman argues that printers—artisans who mingled with the elite but labored in a manual trade—used their commercial and political connections to directly shape Revolutionary political ideology and mass mobilization. Going into the printing offices of...

Cover Name: Dr. Rantzau

Nikolaus Ritter, edited by Katharine R. Wallace, foreword by Mary Kathryn Barbier
Cover Name: Dr. Rantzau is a gripping diary-like personal account of espionage during the Second World War and is one of very few historic memoirs written by an ex-Abwehr officer. Detailed is how Colonel Nikolaus Ritter, following a brief World War I career and over ten years as a businessman in America, returned to Germany in spring of 1935 and became Chief of Air Intelligence in the Abwehr. He was assigned to establish a network of agents to...

Be Wise! Be Healthy!

Catherine Carstairs, Bethany Philpott, Sara Wilmshurst
May 2019 - UBC Press
Lose weight. Quit smoking. Exercise. For over a century, public health campaigns have encouraged Canadians to adopt healthy habits in order to prolong lives, cost the state less, and produce more efficient workers. Be Wise! Be Healthy! explores the history of public health from the 1920s to the 1970s and its emphasis on health as a responsibility of citizenship. But public health campaigns can stigmatize...

Becoming Mary Sully

Philip J. Deloria
Dakota Sioux artist Mary Sully was the great-granddaughter of respected nineteenth-century portraitist Thomas Sully, who captured the personalities of America's first generation of celebrities (including the figure of Andrew Jackson immortalized on the twenty-dollar bill). Born on the Standing Rock reservation in South Dakota in 1896, she was largely self-taught. Steeped in the visual traditions of beadwork, quilling, and hide painting, she also engaged with the experiments...