Forthcoming Titles

December 2019

One Hundred Years of Hartt

Demaris Hansen
The University of Hartford's Hartt School celebrates its centennial in this lavishly illustrated book. The Hartt School holds unique qualities that continue to distinguish it from other performing arts institutions. Through personal and official written communications, school newsletters, speeches, and the exquisite quality of artistic expression, a belief in the value of art is continually reinforced, often with great eloquence, sometimes with humor, and...

Convergent Teaching

Aaron M. Pallas and Anna Neumann
Amid the wide-ranging public debate about the future of higher education is a tension about the role of the faculty as instructors versus researchers and the role of teaching in the mission of a university. What is absent from that discourse is any clear understanding of what constitutes good teaching in college. In Convergent Teaching, masterful professors of education Aaron M. Pallas and Anna Neumann make the case that American higher education must...

With Extreme Prejudice

Fredrick Barton
One year after his wife dies in a car accident, film critic Mike Barnett discovers his house ransacked in an apparent robbery. However, only his wife's private files have been stolen. Mike then finds himself pulled into a seedy world of local government corruption when he starts to believe that his wife's death was no accident. A captivating legal thriller about greed, graft, and convoluted schemes, a man's search for truth to reconcile the loss of a loving marriage uncovers deeper trauma in the beauty of New...

Olmsted in Seattle

Jennifer Ott
Dec 2019 - History Ink
In the midst of galloping growth at the turn of the twentieth century, Seattle's city leaders seized on the confluence of a roaring economy with the City Beautiful movement to hire the Olmsted Brothers landscape architecture firm to design a park and parkway system. Their 1903 plan led to a supplemental plan, a playground plan, numerous park and boulevard designs, changes to park system management, and a ripple effect, as the Olmsted Brothers were hired to design public and...

Planning on the Edge

Penny Gurstein
Dec 2019 - UBC Press
Vancouver is heralded around the world as a model for sustainable development. In Planning on the Edge, nationally and internationally renowned planning scholars, activists, and Indigenous leaders assess whether this reputation is warranted. While recognizing the many successes of the "Vancouverism" model, the contributors acknowledge that the forces of globalization and speculative property development have...

First in the South

H. Gibbs Knotts
Every four years presidential hopefuls and the national media travel the primary election circuit through Iowa and New Hampshire. Once the dust settles in these states, the nation's focus turns to South Carolina, the first primary in the delegate-rich South. Historically Iowa and New Hampshire have dominated the news because they are first, not because of their predictive ability or representativeness. In First in the South, H. Gibbs Knotts and Jordan M. Ragusa...

Striking Iron

Allen F. Roberts
Striking Iron combines interdisciplinary scholarship with vivid illustrations to offer the most comprehensive treatment of the blacksmith's art in sub-Saharan Africa to date. For more than two millennia, African blacksmiths have transformed one of Earth's most basic natural resources into objects of life-changing utility, empowerment, prestige, spiritual potency, and astonishing artistry—shaping African cultures in the most fundamental ways. Interspersed throughout are photographs of...

"And there will be singing"

Jim Hicks
In celebration of its landmark sixtieth anniversary, the Massachusetts Review presents a collection of the best contemporary and emerging international writers and writers in translation, from MR's last decade. At a time when English-only readers too often know little about the rest of the world, this volume is a classroom in itself. This timely and essential anthology features fiction, essays, and poetry by Mia Couto, Tabish Khair, Menekşe Toprak, and Kim Tae-Young,...

The Seven Keys to Communicating in Mexico

Orlando R. Kelm
How do you build successful professional connections with colleagues from Mexico? While most books focus simply on how to avoid common communication mistakes, this book leads its readers to an understanding of how to succeed and thrive within the three cultures, Mexico, the US, and Canada. Kelm, Hernandez-Pozas and Victor present a set of practical guidelines for communicating professionally with Mexicans, both in Mexico and abroad, providing many photographs as...


Kyle B.T. Lambelet
¡Presente! develops a lived theology of nonviolence through an extended case study of the movement to close the School of the Americas (also known as the SOA or WHINSEC). Specifically,it analyzes how the presence of the dead — a presence proclaimed at the annual vigil of the School of the Americas Watch — shapes a distinctive, transnational, nonviolent movement. Kyle B.T. Lambelet argues that such a messianic affirmation need not devolve into violence or...

The Art of Collecting

Bea Brommer
Dec 2019 - LM Publishers
Painters were fascinated by the tropical landscapes, picturesque villages and markets, and especially the diverse inhabitants of the Dutch East Indies. In the first half of the 20th century a large group of European artists known as the Beautiful Indies painters worked there. Today the qualities of these East Indies paintings are fully recognized. Focusing on the exceptional Colauto-Van Peperstraten collection, this book shows how private collectors played a pioneering role by becoming experts in...

Ng'ambo Atlas

Berend Van Der Lans
Dec 2019 - LM Publishers
Ng'ambo is the lesser known "other side" of Zanzibar Town. During the British Protectorate the area was designated as the Native Quarters; today it is set to become the new city center of Zanzibar's capital. Local and international perceptions of the cultural and historical importance of Ng'ambo have for a long time remained overshadowed by the social and cultural divisions created during colonial times. One thing is certain: despite its limited international fame and lack of recognition of its importance,...

SFS 100

Georgetown University, Walsh School of Foreign Service
Established in 1919 as a direct response to the United States' involvement in the First World War, the Walsh School of Foreign Service (SFS) at Georgetown University has long excelled in its mission to train students for international service. Since its inception, SFS has provided a rigorous education grounded in theory, practice, and the Jesuit value of service to numerous alumni who have shaped global affairs in pathbreaking ways. SFS 100: A Century of Service is a...

Seattle, Past to Present

Roger Sale
Roger Sale's Seattle, Past to Present has become a beloved reflection of Seattle's history and its possible futures as imagined in 1976, when the book was first published. Drawing on demographic analysis, residential surveys, portraiture, and personal observation and reflection, Sale provides his take on what was most important in each of Seattle's main periods, from the city's founding, when settlers built a city great enough that the railroads eventually had to come; down to the post-Boeing Seattle of the...

Three Caribbean Artists

Susan Wilczak
Dec 2019 - LM Publishers
Caribbean art is strong, passionate and filled with contradictions, as are the lives of the three men profiled inThree Caribbean Artists. A rare glimpse is offered into the lives of three different artists, their upbringing, their work and how they became established and well-known artists. Their stories are integrally related to their home on the island of Curaçao, where folklore, magic, and reality happily co-exist. The lives of Jose-Maria...

Trustees at Work

Anna Lund
Dec 2019 - UBC Press
Trustees at Work explores the role of bankruptcy trustees in determining who qualifies as a deserving debtor under Canadian personal bankruptcy law. The idea of a deserving debtor is reflected in the law governing the bankruptcy and insolvency system, which seeks to provide debt relief to the deserving while withholding it from the undeserving. In practice, however, bankruptcy trustees focus largely on how cooperative debtors are during the legal...

American Labour's Cold War Abroad

Andrew Carew
Dec 2019 - UBC Press
Carew presents a lively and clear account of what has largely been an unknown dimension of the Cold War. In impressive detail, Carew maps the international programs of the American Federation of Labour–Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL–CIO) during the Cold War and its relations with labour organizations abroad, in addition to providing a summary of the labour situation of a dozen or more countries including Finland, France, Italy, Germany, Japan,...

Assembling Unity

Sarah A. Nickel
Dec 2019 - UBC Press
Established narratives portray Indigenous unity as emerging solely in response to the political agenda of the settler state. But unity has long shaped the modern Indigenous political movement. With Indigenous perspectives in the foreground, Assembling Unity explores the relationship between global political ideologies and panIndigenous politics in British Columbia through a detailed history of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs. Sarah Nickel demonstrates...

At the Bridge

Wendy Wickwire
Dec 2019 - UBC Press
At the Bridge chronicles the littleknown story of James Teit, a prolific ethnographer who, from 1884 to 1922, worked with and advocated for the Indigenous peoples of British Columbia and the northwestern United States. From his base at Spences Bridge, BC, Teit forged a participantbased anthropology that was far ahead of its time. Whereas his contemporaries, including famed anthropologist Franz Boas, studied Indigenous peoples as members of "dying cultures," Teit worked with...

Capturing Hill 70

Douglas E. Delaney
Dec 2019 - UBC Press
In August 1917, the Canadian Corps captured Hill 70, vital terrain just north of the French town of Lens. The Canadians suffered some 5,400 casualties and in three harrowing days defeated twenty-one German counterattacks. This spectacularly successful but shockingly costly battle was as innovative as Vimy, yet few Canadians have heard of it. Capturing Hill 70 marks the centenary of this triumph by dissecting different facets of the battle, from planning and...