Forthcoming Titles

September 2021

Respectably Catholic and Scientific

Alexander Pavuk
Respectably Catholic and Scientific traces the unexpected manner in which several influential liberal-progressive Catholics tried to shape how evolution and birth control were framed and debated in the public square in the era between the World Wars— and the unintended consequences of their efforts. A small but influential cadre of Catholic priests professionally trained in social sciences, Frs. John Montgomery Cooper, John A. Ryan, and...

The Breast Cancer Book

Kenneth D. Miller, MD, and Melissa Camp, MD, MPH
with Kathy Steligo
A comprehensive, down-to-earth guide for anyone diagnosed with breast cancer. Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be scary and confusing. There are medical terms to learn, options to consider, and important decisions to make, all while trying to carry on with work, family, and life. The Breast Cancer Book can't reverse a diagnosis or make breast cancer disappear, but every page can inform and empower you or...

Communicate for a Change

Lori Carrell and Robert Zemsky
This is a different kind of book: a call for courageous conversations focusing on nine taboo subjects that bedevil higher education. For nearly a decade, distinguished scholars Lori Carrell and Robert Zemsky have been having frank conversations with each other—and with colleagues and friends—about the state of higher education. In Communicate for a Change, they bring together nine of their most insightful conversations to explore difficult...

Mammalian Paleoecology

Felisa A. Smith
What can the interactions of ancient mammals and their environments tell us about the present—and the future? Classic paleontology has focused on the study of fossils and the reconstruction of lineages of extinct species. But as diverse fossils of animals and plants were unearthed and catalogued, it became possible to reconstruct more elaborate ecosystems, tying together plants, animals, and geology. By the second half of the twentieth century, this effort gave birth to...

Teaching Change

José Antonio Bowen, author of Teaching Naked
This pathbreaking book for educators shows that focusing on relationships, resilience, and reflection can better prepare graduates for the future. Learning something new—particularly something that might change your mind—is much more difficult than most teachers think. Because people think with their emotions and are influenced by their communities and social groups, humans tend to ignore new...

The Truth about College Admission Workbook

Brennan Barnard and Rick Clark
Finally! A workbook that guides you—and your family—through a positive college admission experience. College admission has always been complicated—and COVID-19 has changed the college search and selection process in profound and challenging ways. But the authors behind the best-selling The Truth about College Admission are here to help with a new college admission workbook that puts the complex process into the hands of students...

Common Ground

Nicholas J. Clarke, Roger C. Fisher, Marieke C. Kuipers
Sep 2021 - LM Publishers
The richness and diversity of Dutch contributions to the built environment of South Africa remain little-known in the study of twentieth-century architectural history. Between 1902 and 1961 more than seventy Dutch-born émigré architects were active from the Cape to the Highveld, both in major towns and remote areas, and they designed hundreds of buildings and neighborhoods. A sequel to the acclaimed Eclectic ZA...

The Hubris of an Empty Hand

Mahyar A. Amouzegar
In eight ethereal stories, The Hubris of an Empty Hand encompasses the frailty and complexity of being human. When some divine gifts fall into decidedly earthly hands, the results are almost beyond reckoning for humans and gods both. Through its wide cast of characters and fascinating settings, terrestrial, divine, or somewhere in-between, Mayhar A. Amouzegar's fourth book of fiction takes on timeless questions of love and its permanence, sacrifice, and the human desire to be remembered and known.

Tradition and Triumph

Andrew L. Maske, with contributions by Patricia Fister
Sep 2021 - Denver Art Museum
In pre-1900 Japan few women were encouraged to become professional artists and pursue art seriously. In some situations, male family members who recognized and supported the artistic talent of a female relative could arrange for her to receive further training. And some Buddhist nuns, freed from domestic duties, took up the brush. In a different social realm, courtesans at the highest levels...

October 2021

Approaches to Discourse Analysis

edited by Cynthia Gordon, with contributions by Susan U. Philips, Donal Carbaugh, Eean Grimshaw, Streeck Jurgen, Deborah Tannen, Michal Marmorstein, Branca Telles Ribeiro, Diana de Souza Pinto, John Heritage, Susan Ehrlich, Najma Al Zidjaly, Alla V. Tovares, Ruth Wodak
A groundbreaking collection by leading scholars that spans a broad range of social situations, cultural contexts, and analytic perspectives The contemporary landscape of discourse analysis — which examines spoken, written, and multimodal...

Arms Control for the Third Nuclear Age

David A. Cooper
A reappraisal of classic arms control theory that advocates for reprioritizing deterrence over disarmament in a new era of nuclear multipolarity The United States faces a new era of nuclear arms racing for which it is conceptually unprepared. Great power nuclear competition is seemingly returning with a vengeance as the post—Cold War international order morphs into something more uncertain, complicated, and dangerous. In this unstable third nuclear...

Betting on Freedom

Cardinal Angelo Scola, Angelo Scola, with Luigi Geninazzi, Luigi Geninazzi, translated by Carlo Lancellotti, Carlo Lancelloti
In this wide-ranging conversation with the Italian journalist Luigi Geninazzi, Cardinal Angelo Scola discusses both the salient moments of his own life and the path and situation of the Church and society in Europe over the last half-century. The Cardinal recounts his life, speaking of the extraordinary gift of particular friendships he has had, starting with Luigi Giussani, founder...

The Capital of Basketball

John McNamara, foreword by Gary Williams, afterword by Andrea Chamblee, with Andrea Chamblee
The celebration of Washington D.C. basketball is long overdue. The D.C. metro area stands second to none in its contributions to the game. Countless figures who have had a significant impact on the sport over the years have roots in the region, including E.B. Henderson, the first African-American certified to teach public school physical education, and Earl Lloyd, the first African-American to...


Evgeny Dengub, Susanna Nazarova
A highly communicative approach to Intermediate Russian grounded in everyday culture and authentic texts Etazhi uses the communicative approach to advance student's Russian proficiency from the Novice High / Intermediate Low level of the ACTFL scale to an Intermediate Mid / Intermediate High level. Designed for one academic year of instruction, Etazhi engages students with highly relevant topics to internalize new vocabulary, expand their grammatical reach, and deepen...

Ireland's Helping Hand to Europe

Jérôme aan de Wiel, Jérôme Wiel
Post-war Marshall Plan aid to Europe and indeed Ireland is well documented, but practically nothing is known about simultaneous Irish aid to Europe. This book provides a full record of the aid – mainly food but also clothes, blankets, medicines, etc. – that Ireland donated to continental Europe, including France, the Netherlands, Hungary, the Balkans, Italy, and zones of occupied Germany. Starting with Ireland's neutral...

The PhD Parenthood Trap

Kerry F. Crawford, Leah C. Windsor, with contributions by Amanda Murdie, Whitney Pirtle, Nancy Rower, Erin Olsen-Telles, Sara McLaughlin Mitchell, Kathleen J. Hancock, Courtney Burns, David Andersen-Rodgers, Sarah Shair-Rosenfield, Reed M. Wood, Sahar Shafqat, Krista E. Wiegand, Susan Hannah Allen, Anonymous, Christina Fattore, Kelly Baker, Jael Goldsmith Weil, Susan Sell, Kelly Kadera, Lily Moloney, Madeleine Moloney, Maxwell Moloney
What it's really like to be a parent in the world...

Pope Francis and The Search for God in América

edited by Maria Clara Bingemer, Peter J. Casarella
In Tutti Fratelli, Pope Francis has called again for a "culture of encounter," But how should his theology, pastoral practice, and social message be understood and applied in the Church of the Americas, a single but complex reality that extends from South to North? This volume offers analyses from experts looking back to the Argentine pontiff's first fateful encuentros in the Americas as...

The Present State of the Garden

Heather Sellers
Oct 2021 - lost horse press
Winner of the 2020 Blue Lynx Prize for Poetry In The Present State of the Garden, both childhood and the natural world are elegized as the speaker works through layers of loss: the dissolution of a marriage and a world on the brink of ecological collapse. She attempts to patch together some kind of new Eden in these aftermaths and to make a home and family from the remnants—memories from girlhood, a stray aunt and a niece, and what's left of her small, once lush garden after the punishing storms of...

Russia on the Danube

Victor Taki
One of the goals of Russia's Eastern policy was to turn Moldavia and Wallachia, the two Romanian principalities north of the Danube, from Ottoman vassals into a controllable buffer zone and a springboard for future military operations against Constantinople. Russia on the Danube describes the divergent interests and uneasy cooperation between the Russian officials and the Moldavian and Wallachian nobility in a key period between 1812 and 1834.

Tecumseh's War

Donald R. Hickey
A history of the last great Native American war in North America. At the dawn of the nineteenth century, Native American dominance of the Northwest Territory was threatened by a series of treaties designed to open the land to US settlement. In response, a coalition of tribes launched what would come to be known as Tecumseh's War, named after the charismatic Shawnee war chief who was the guiding force behind the Native confederacy. Often treated today as an adjunct to...