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Mary Perdue, foreword by Jon White
When Triple Crown winner Seattle Slew retired from racing in 1978 to stand at stud at Spendthrift Farm, no one could be certain he would be a successful sire. But just four years later, his dark bay daughter Landaluce won the Hollywood Lassie Stakes by 21 lengths—a margin of victory that remains the largest ever in any race by a two-year-old at Hollywood Park. California horse racing had a new superstar, and Slew was launched on a stud career that would make him...

Dignity for Deeply Forgetful People

Stephen G. Post
with a Caregiver Resilience Program by Rev. Dr. Jade C. Angelica
For caregivers of deeply forgetful people: a book that combines new ethics guidelines with an innovative program on how to communicate and connect with people with Alzheimer's. How do we approach a "deeply forgetful" loved one so as to notice and affirm their continuing self-identity? For three decades, Stephen G. Post has worked around the world encouraging...

The Complete Guide to Food Allergies in Adults and Children

Scott H. Sicherer, MD, best-selling author of Food Allergies and Understanding and Managing Your Child’s Food Allergies
The most complete guide to preventing, testing, living with, and treating food allergies in children and adults. In this comprehensive, evidence-based guide for adults and children with food allergies and those who care for them, Dr. Scott H. Sicherer provides all the critical information you need on preventing, testing, living with, and treating food...

Beyond Madness

Rachel A. Pruchno, PhD
Reveals proven solutions for bettering the lives of people with serious mental illness, their families, and their communities. Leading scientist and gifted storyteller Rachel A. Pruchno, PhD, was shocked to encounter misinformation, ignorance, and intolerance when she sought to help her daughter, newly diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Turning to the scientific literature, Dr. Pruchno eventually found solutions, but she realized many others would need help...

Eating Disorders, fourth edition

edited by Philip S. Mehler, MD, FAED, CEDS, and Arnold E. Andersen, MD, FAED, DLFAPA
A comprehensive guide on how to diagnose, treat, and care for those with eating disorders. Eating disorders, which include such conditions as anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and pica, represent a challenge to both patients and health care providers alike. For more than 20 years, health care providers have turned to the expert advice found in Eating Disorders to keep up to date with the...

The Market in Birds

Andrea L. Smalley
with Henry M. Reeves
A fascinating look at how a commercial market for birds in the late nineteenth century set the stage for conservation and its legislation. Between the end of the Civil War and the 1920s, the United States witnessed the creation, rapid expansion, and then disappearance of a commercial market for hunted wild animals. The bulk of commercial wildlife sales in the last part of the nineteenth century were of...

Mind, Mood, and Memory

Anthony Feinstein
A unique resource for all health care practitioners caring for people with multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis (MS), a progressive neurologic disease, is characterized by a host of physical symptoms. But the neurobehavioral consequences of MS can be as devastating and debilitating as physical symptoms, and they are often unreported and undertreated. In this new book, Dr. Anthony Feinstein, a neuropsychiatrist, documents the effects of MS on...

Spirit Possession

edited by Éva Pócs, András Zempléni
Possession, a seemingly irrational phenomenon, has posed challenges to generations of scholars rooted in Western notions of body-soul dualism, self and personhood, and a whole set of presuppositions inherited from Christian models of possession that was "good" or "bad." The authors of the essays in this book present a new and more promising approach. They conceive spirit possession as a form of communication, of expressivity, of...

A Caregiver's Guide to Communication Problems from Brain Injury or Disease

edited by Barbara O'Connor Wells, PhD, CCC-SLP, and Connie K. Porcaro, PhD, CCC-SLP
An all-in-one guide for helping caregivers of individuals with brain injury or degenerative disease to address speech, language, voice, memory, and swallowing impairment and to distinguish these problem areas from healthy aging. Advances in science mean that people are more likely to survive a stroke or live for many years after being diagnosed with a degenerative disease such...

Thriving with Kidney Disease, second edition

Walter A. Hunt
A complete guide to caring for your kidneys and maximizing your health. Kidney disease occurs when your kidneys are damaged and no longer function as well as they should. In the past, it was fatal, but thanks to new treatments, including dialysis and transplantation, people can live long and healthy lives. This book provides everything you need to know to help you cope with your kidney disease and maximize your health. Walter A. Hunt, a...

Practitioner Research for Social Work, Nursing, and the Health Professions

Payam Sheikhattari, Michael T. Wright, Gillian B. Silver, Cyrilla van der Donk, and Bas van Lanen
An invaluable tool for health and social work students and professionals who want to improve their practice through collaborative research with patients, clients, and colleagues. Throughout history, some of the most prominent contributors to health and social sciences have been men and women comfortable with both practice and academia. But today, research in...


Donald A. Mahler, MD
A leading expert answers your questions about how to live to your fullest with COPD. Significant lung damage from smoking, exposure in some jobs, or even diseases such as AIDS and tuberculosis can lead to COPD. Having chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can leave you feeling short of breath, sometimes reluctant to go shopping or for a walk because you are afraid of more difficulties. You may have wheezing, tightness in the chest, or...

Appalachian Health

edited by F. Douglas Scutchfield, Douglas Scutchfield, Randolph Wykoff, with contributions by F. Douglas Scutchfield, Randolph Wykoff, foreword by Alonzo Plough, with contributions by Ron R. Roach, Julie Marshall, Logan Thomas, Kate Beatty, Melissa White, Robin C. Vanderpool, Angela L. Carman, Lindsay R. Stradtman, Kelly D. Blake, Richard C. Ingram, Rachel Hogg-Graham, Timothy Williams, Katherine Youngen, Alan Ducatman, Rachel E. Dixon, Michael Meit, Megan Heffernan, Erin Tanenbaum, Angela Hagam...

Weight Loss for Life

Lawrence J. Cheskin, MD, and Kimberly A. Gudzune, MD, MPH
This is not a fad diet book. This is the most comprehensive, scientifically based program to lose weight and keep it off, with practical details about diet and nutrition, movement and motivation, medications, supplements, surgery, and more. In Weight Loss for Life, two experts from the Johns Hopkins Healthful Eating, Activity & Weight Program provide you with all of the information you need on your weight loss journey. They bring together...

Is Cancer Inevitable?

Ashani T. Weeraratna, PhD
How can new understandings about cancer cell interactions help doctors better control, and eventually cure, cancer? Cancer is a formidable enemy. In fact, people born in America since 1960 face a one in two chance of being diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes. However, there's growing evidence that fewer cancers will be death sentences for patients. New approaches and understandings are transforming the medical world, increasing success rates for remissions, disease management, and cures. Dr.

The Science of Mom, second edition

Alice Callahan, PhD
Now updated! The new edition of this best-selling guide uses science to tackle some of the most important decisions facing new parents—from sleep training and vaccinations to breastfeeding and baby food. Is cosleeping safe? How important is breastfeeding? Are food allergies preventable? Should we be worried about the aluminum in vaccines? Searching for answers to these tough parenting questions can yield a deluge of conflicting advice. In this revised and expanded...

Misunderstanding Health

Rohit Khanna
This eminently relevant and thoroughly entertaining book reminds us that understanding more about health care helps us understand the larger world around us. With technological advances and information sharing so prevalent, health care should be more transparent and easier to access than ever before. So why does it seem like everything about it—from pricing, drug development, and the emergence of new diseases to the intricacies of biologic and precision...

From Survive to Thrive

Margaret S. Chisolm, MD
with John Hanc
foreword by Cal Ripken Jr.
illustrated by Natasha Chugh
What's holding you back? Learn how to take the steps needed to get to a place where you are happier, more productive, and more at peace. Are you struggling with personal problems, a mental health condition, or addiction? Are you looking to permanently improve your well-being and happiness? If you'd like to lead a fuller, more satisfying life—or help a mentally ill loved one—this...

The Busy Caregiver's Guide to Advanced Alzheimer Disease

Jennifer R. Stelter, PsyD
with Rachael Wonderlin
The only guide to caring for those with advanced Alzheimer disease. Caring for someone living with advanced Alzheimer disease is a challenge. It can make you feel like you're on a hamster wheel—running in circles, trying the same things over and over with no effect on your loved one. You may also find it difficult to connect with your loved one and to understand what those living with Alzheimer disease are going through. In The Busy...

The Breast Cancer Book

Kenneth D. Miller, MD, and Melissa Camp, MD, MPH
with Kathy Steligo
A comprehensive, down-to-earth guide for anyone diagnosed with breast cancer. Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be scary and confusing. There are medical terms to learn, options to consider, and important decisions to make, all while trying to carry on with work, family, and life. The Breast Cancer Book can't reverse a diagnosis or make breast cancer disappear, but every page can inform and empower you or...