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Contemporary Public Health, updated edition

edited by James W. Holsinger, Jr., foreword by Eli Capiluto, Eli Capilouto, introduction by F. Douglas Scutchfield, with contributions bySteven H. Woolf, Paula Braveman, Debra J. Perez, F. Douglas Scutchfield, Connie J. Evashwick, Julia F. Costich, Richard Ingram, William J. Riley, Samuel Matheny, David Mathews, Charlotte Seidman, Glen P. Mays, William M. Silberg, Glen P. Mays, Paul Halverson, Kevin Patrick, Paul Halverson, Stephen W. Wyatt, Kaye Bender, Kevin Brady, W. Ryan Maynard, Kate Beatty...

Can Fixing Dinner Fix the Planet?

Jessica Fanzo
Our diets are the products of massive, interconnected, and complex food systems that extend from the seedlings in a farmer's field to the global processing, distribution, and marketing networks that deliver our food. These systems have direct and substantial impacts on the planet's natural resources, the nutrition of individuals and populations, the composition of the atmosphere, workforces, and social and gender equity. In addition, individual dietary decisions impact those food systems—we're all...

The Borderline Personality Disorder Workbook

Déborah Ducasse, MD, and Véronique Brand-Arpon, MA
translated by Alison Duncan
When you have borderline personality disorder (BPD), your emotions are always very intense... Relationships with others are sources of suffering in your life... You may also make impulsive decisions that you later regret. Are you ready for help in improving your daily life? The Borderline Personality Disorder Workbook provides you...

The Eye Book, second edition

Gary H. Cassel, MD
In The Eye Book, specialist Dr. Gary H. Cassel presents readers with trusted, evidence-based information they can rely on to protect vision and learn more about how to treat any eye problems that come up. This easy-to-understand volume takes a step-by-step approach, providing an overview of the eye's anatomy, a tour of healthy vision, and an explanation of what steps readers and health care providers should take to address vision issues. Drawing on years of clinical experience...

Behind the Mirror

Jeanne Simons
as told to and with commentary by Sabine Oishi, PhD
foreword and afterword by James C. Harris, MD
Jeanne Simons devoted her career as a social worker to the study, treatment, and care of children with autism. In 1955, she established the Linwood Children's Center in Ellicott City, Maryland, one of the first schools especially for pupils with autism anywhere in the world. Her Linwood Model, developed there, was widely...

Searching for Health

Kapil Parakh, MD, PhD
with Anna Dirksen
We've all been there. Late at night, staring into the glow of a phone trying to make sense of some health-related issue that we know nothing about. In Searching for Health, Dr. Kapil Parakh, with Anna Dirksen, brings to life knowledge he gained from working at Google and practicing medicine. Helping readers avoid common pitfalls, get the information they need, and partner effectively with their health team to figure out a...

Cancer with Hope

Mike Armstrong
with Eric A. Vohr
foreword by Theodore DeWeese, MD
In Cancer with Hope, Mike Armstrong, a former top executive of several large US companies, chronicles his own experience with leukemia, prostate cancer, and associated illness to highlight the importance of maintaining hope and finding purpose when facing this terrible disease. In addition to life-threatening cancers, Mike survived multiple misdiagnoses, invasive surgery, near-fatal sepsis, and a crippling...

A Loving Approach to Dementia Care, third edition

Laura Wayman
Caring for someone with dementia means devotedly and patiently doing a hundred little things each day. But few care providers are trained to meet the challenges of dementia—despite the fact that millions of people will struggle with it as they grow older. In A Loving Approach to Dementia Care, Laura Wayman, who is known professionally as the Dementia Whisperer, offers practical, compassionate advice on overcoming caregiving obstacles and maintaining...

Cook Together, Eat Together

University of Kentucky, Cooperative Extension Service, Family and Consumer Sciences Extension
In today's fast-paced world, many people find themselves waiting in line at fast food restaurants more often than gathering around the dinner table with loved ones. Cooking and eating together can help families grow closer, but it can be challenging for parents to put a meal on the table when time is limited and money is tight. Cook Together, Eat Together is designed to help families enjoy more home-cooked, healthy meals.


Minnie Bruce Pratt
Once a blue moon, a love like this comes along This collection of love poems draws us into the sacred liminal space that surrounds death. With her beloved gravely ill, poet and activist Minnie Bruce Pratt turns to daily walks and writing to find a way to go on in a world where injustice brings so much loss and death. Each poem is a pocket lens "to swivel out and magnify" the beauty in "the little glints, insignificant" that catch her eye: "The first flowers, smaller than this s." She also chronicles the quiet rooms of...

Nothing Special

Dianne Bilyak
A memoir about disability and siblinghood that is candid and comical Nothing Special is a disarmingly candid tale of two sisters growing up in the 1970s in rural Connecticut. Older sister Chris, who has Down syndrome, is an extrovert with a knack for getting what she wants, while the author, her younger, typically developing "Irish twin," shoulders the burdens and grief of her parents, especially their father's alcoholism. In Nothing Special Bilyak details...

Preventing the Next Pandemic

Peter J. Hotez, MD, PhD
Modern diseases and viruses have been spurred anew by war and conflict as well as shifting poverty, urbanization, climate change, and a new troubling anti-science/anti-vaccination outlook. From such twenty-first-century forces, we have seen declines in previous global health gains, with sharp increases in vaccine-preventable and neglected diseases on the Arabian Peninsula, in Venezuela, in parts of Africa, and even on the Gulf Coast of the United...

Take Control of Your Drinking, second edition

Michael S. Levy
For decades, the standard treatment for people struggling with alcohol consumption has focused on convincing them to admit that they are an alcoholic, to stop drinking entirely, and to enter into a program, most commonly Alcoholics Anonymous. But in his more than thirty-five-year career as an addiction specialist working with people who want to change their drinking habits, Michael S. Levy has found that the...

Viral BS

Dr. Seema Yasmin
Can your zip code predict when you will die? Should you space out childhood vaccines? Does talcum powder cause cancer? Why do some doctors recommend e-cigarettes while other doctors recommend you stay away from them? Health information—and misinformation—is all around us, and it can be hard to separate the two. A long history of unethical medical experiments and medical mistakes, along with a host of celebrities spewing anti-science beliefs, has left many wary of science and the...

Helping Others with Depression

Susan J. Noonan, MD, MPH
Mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder are biologic conditions of the mind and body that affect our everyday functioning, thoughts, feelings, and actions. Often devastating to the person, mood disorders can also be overwhelming to their family and close friends, who are frequently the first to recognize the subtle changes and symptoms of depression and the ones who provide daily support. Yet many feel unsure about how to help someone through the...

My House Is Killing Me!, second edition

Jeffrey C. May and Connie L. May
foreword by Jonathan M. Samet, MD, and Elizabeth Matsui, MD, MHS
In this thoroughly revised edition of My House Is Killing Me! Jeffrey C. and Connie L. May draw on the dramatic personal stories of their clients to help readers understand the links between indoor environmental conditions and human health. Explaining how air conditioning, finished basements, and other home features affect indoor air quality, the authors offer a...

Preparing for a Better End

Dan Morhaim, MD
with Shelley Morhaim
While modern Americans strive to control nearly every aspect of their lives, many of us abandon control of life's final passage. But the realities of twenty-first-century medicine will allow most of us to have a say in how, when, and where we die, so we need to make decisions surrounding death, too. Or those decisions may be made for us. Threading compelling real-life stories and practical guidance throughout, this...

Bipolar Disorder, fourth edition

Francis Mark Mondimore, MD
Compassionate and comprehensive, Dr. Francis Mondimore's pathbreaking guide has helped thousands of people and their loved ones cope with bipolar disorder. Now in its fourth edition, Bipolar Disorder has been totally revised and reorganized to reflect dramatic improvements in the treatment of the illness, as well as numerous scientific breakthroughs that have increased our understanding of its causes. With insight and sensitivity, Dr. Mondimore • surveys new...

The Doctor Who Fooled the World

Brian Deer
From San Francisco to Shanghai, from Vancouver to Venice, controversy over vaccines is erupting around the globe. Fear is spreading. Banished diseases have returned. And a militant "anti-vax" movement has surfaced to campaign against children's shots. But why? In The Doctor Who Fooled the World, award-winning investigative reporter Brian Deer exposes the truth behind the crisis. Writing with the page-turning tension of a detective story, he unmasks the players...

Creative Engagement

Rachael Wonderlin
with Geri M. Lotze, PhD
Whether they are cared for at home or in an assisted living community, adults living with dementia should be offered a life that is interesting and fun. But what can you do to enhance the everyday experience of a loved one who is losing interest in or is unable to participate in their old hobbies and pursuits? In Creative Engagement, dementia activity expert Rachael Wonderlin and developmental psychology professor Geri M. Lotze...