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The Whiskey Sour

Jeanette Hurt
Certain cocktails carry societal connotations and cultural meaning. Some drinks are regional symbols such as the mint julep, which is inextricably tied to the Kentucky Derby. Classic drinks like the old fashioned or the Manhattan tend to denote a more sophisticated or mature drinker, whereas wine coolers and tropical cocktails often appeal to those who prefer lighter and fruitier alcoholic drinks. Enter the whiskey sour. A cocktail from the sour family, the iconic drink is usually...

Simplicity and Excellence

Deirdre A. Scaggs, foreword by Ouita Michel
Born at the turn of the twentieth century in Cynthiana, Kentucky, Elizabeth Cromwell Kremer was a woman who strove for excellence in all things. Ever resistant to the constraints of social conventions, at a time when roughly 20 percent of the US workforce was female, Kremer worked her way up the ranks of the service industry. From the home economics classrooms of the University of Kentucky to the fine dining...

Simplicity and Excellence

Deirdre A. Scaggs and Evalina Kremer Settle. Foreword by Ouita Michel. Afterword by sara bradley.
Born at the turn of the twentieth century in Cynthiana, Kentucky, Elizabeth Cromwell Kremer was a woman who strove for excellence in all things. Ever resistant to the constraints of social conventions, at a time when roughly 20 percent of the US workforce was female, Kremer worked her way up the ranks of the service industry. From the home economics classrooms of...

Hungry Roots

Ashli Quesinberry Stokes and Wendy Atkins-Sayre
A journey through Southern Appalachia to explore the complex messages food communicates about the region. Depictions of Appalachian food culture and practices often romanticize people in the region as good, simple, and, often, white. These stereotypes are harmful to the actual people they are meant to describe as well as to those they exclude. In Hungry Roots: How Food Communicates Appalachia's Search for Resilience, Ashli...

Foraging Kentucky

George Barnett
With rich soils, thousands of creeks, and twelve major river basins, the state of Kentucky is abundant with wild edibles that not only are delicious but also can be useful for medicinal purposes. Various species of wildflowers such as spring beauty, edible fungi like chanterelles, and tree crops such as hickory nuts may be foraged and pickled, steamed, candied, or stir-fried to create an enticing, healthy, and substantial meal. ...

The Art of Cooking, Pie Making, Pastry Making, and Preserving

Francisco Montiño, edited by Carolyn A. Nadeau
In 1611 Francisco Martínez Montiño, chef to Philip II, Philip III, and Philip IV of Spain, published what would become the most recognized Spanish cookbook for centuries: Arte de cocina, pastelería, vizcochería y conservería. This first English translation of The Art of Cooking, Pie Making, Pastry Making, and Preserving will delight and surprise readers with the rich array of...

Food Mobilities

edited by Daniel E. Bender, Simone Cinotto
Food moves. Today, shoppers can load their shopping basket with spices from India, fruit from Honduras, and canned goods from Italy. Diners can decide between restaurants offering the cuisines of the world. Bringing together multidisciplinary scholars from the growing discipline of food studies, Food Mobilities examines food provisioning and the food cultures of the world, historically and in contemporary times. This collection of essays addresses the connections...

Liquid Dessert

Bryan Paiement
Sep 2023 - Red Lightning Books
You're probably tired of asking the same old question, "What should we make for dessert?" The answer is simple—cocktails! In Liquid Dessert, professional bartender and mixologist Bryan Paiement invites you to join him on a trip around the world to discover cocktails inspired by the best desserts on the planet. Liquid Dessert is not your average cocktail or dessert book but a unique combination of the two. Traditional desserts, though delicious, can be heavy and overwhelming...

Kugels and Collards

Rachel Gordin Barnett and Lyssa Kligman Harvey. With John M. Sherrer III. Foreword by Marcie Cohen Ferris.
Garden & Gun fall cookbooks pick. The Nosher Best Jewish Cookbooks of 2023. The Local Palate Best Cookbooks of 2023. A poignant—and delicious—compendium of South Carolina Jewish life revealed through food and story Where people go, so goes their food. In Kugels & Collards: Stories of Food, Family, and Tradition in Jewish South Carolina, Rachel Gordin...

The Faculty Lounge

Philipp Stelzel
Offering cocktails for every academic occasion along with spirited, amusing commentary, The Faculty Lounge is the perfect gift for graduate students, tenure-track professors, and disillusioned administrators.

The Allergy-Friendly Cookbook

Elizabeth Pecoraro
Aug 2023 - Red Lightning Books
No one should feel left out when it comes to healthy eating, regardless of food allergies. In The Allergy-Friendly Cookbook, registered dietitian Elizabeth Pecoraro teaches families with allergies to cook simple, healthy, delicious meals that are completely free of the top nine allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, egg, milk, wheat, soy, fish, shellfish, and sesame. Pecoraro, whose own children live with food allergies, offers 60 allergy-friendly recipes that won't take...

From Barbycu to Barbecue

Joseph R. Haynes
An award-winning barbecue cook boldly asserts that southern barbecuing is a unique American tradition that was not imported. The origin story of barbecue is a popular topic with a ravenous audience, but commonly held understandings of barbecue are often plagued by half-truths and misconceptions. From Barbycu to Barbecue offers a fresh new look at the story of southern barbecuing. Award winning barbecue cook Joseph R. Haynes sets out to correct one of the...

The Ice Book

Camper English
May 2023 - Red Lightning Books
Crystal clear spheres, cubes you can read through, embossed, branded, and blinged-out chunks, chips, blocks, and 'bergs: it's time to elevate your ice!   In The Ice Book, internationally renowned cocktail icepert Camper English details how to use directional freezing to make perfectly pure ice in a home freezer, carve it up into giant diamonds and other shapes, and embed it with garnishes, including edible orchids and olives. You'll learn how to create a frozen bowl...

Bourbon 101

Albert W. A. Schmid
The rumors are true; there are more barrels of bourbon than there are people in Kentucky. In fact, statistics tell us there are nearly two barrels of aging bourbon for every Bluegrass State citizen. With a population of nearly 4.5 million and each barrel yielding close to 200 bottles, it's safe to say the average Kentuckian doesn't have to look far for a bottle of amber gold. While Kentucky may be known as bourbon's home base, for bourbon lovers everywhere, the act of drinking bourbon is about more than just its...


Ashley L. Jones
May 2023 - Red Lightning Books
Part science and part personal preference, collecting and restoring cast-iron cookware is a complex art. For instance, what makes each company's cast iron unique? Do chemicals used during restoration leach into food? When it comes to surface finish, is textured or smooth better? In Skilletheads, the highly anticipated follow-up to Modern Cast Iron, Ashley L. Jones dives deeper than ever into the world of cast iron. In these pages, which feature over 100...

Heaven on the Half Shell, second edition

David George Gordon, Samantha Larson, MaryAnn Barron Wagner, foreword by Kenneth K. Chew
Heaven on the Half Shell offers a thoroughly researched and richly illustrated history of the Pacific Northwest's beloved bivalve, the oyster. Starting with the earliest evidence of sea gardens and clam beds from 11,500 years ago, this book covers the history of oyster cultivation through contemporary aquaculture in coastal Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, northern California,...

Feeding Fascism

Diana Garvin
Feeding Fascism explores how women negotiated the politics of Italy's Fascist regime in their daily lives and how they fed their families through agricultural and industrial labour. The book looks at women's experiences of Fascism by examining the material world in which they lived in relation to their thoughts, feelings, and actions. Over the past decade, Diana Garvin has conducted extensive research in Italian museums, libraries, and archives. Feeding Fascism includes illustrations...

Charleston to Phnom Penh

John Martin Taylor, foreword by Jessica B. Harris
Winner of the 2023 Gourmand World Cookbook Award, Food Writing, Cambodia/USA A journey through the lands of boiled peanuts, pesto, and pickled peppercorns—with thirty recipes Foodies, travel enthusiasts, culinary historians, fans of fine writing, and cookbook collectors will feast on John Martin Taylor's Charleston to Phnom Penh. A unique vision of a joyous and peripatetic life, these essays take readers on a journey across three continents, from the...

The Making of Mămăligă

Alex Drace-Francis, edited by Alex Drace-Francis
Mămăligă, maize porridge or polenta, is a universally consumed dish in Romania and a prominent national symbol. But its unusual history has rarely been told. Alex Drace-Francis surveys the arrival and spread of maize cultivation in Romanian lands from Ottoman times to the eve of the First World War, and also the image of mămăligă in art and popular culture. Drawing on a rich array of sources and with many new findings,...