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Ray Amorosi
Apr 2013 - Lost Horse Press
Descriptions of Ray Amorosi's poetry are likely to sound farfetched, snarled in impossible paradox: it is at once highly compressed, light hearted, intense, experimental, traditional, familiar, sweet, hard-bitten, hilarious, shocking, erudite, curious, off-hand, and reverent. It is unlike any poetry being written in America today and, as such, offers the reader unique refreshment and perspective.

The Lazarus Case

John D. Lantos, M.D.
A gripping exploration of the legal and ethical dilemmas in neonatal intensive care—a truly original work. Chosen as an Outstanding Academic Titles in 2003 by Choice Magazine In this new, startlingly original book, John D. Lantos weaves a compelling story that captures the dilemmas of modern medical practice. The Lazarus Case: Life-and-Death Issues in Neonatal Intensive Care begins with a fictional malpractice case—an amalgam of typical cases in which Lantos...

The Lazarus Poems

Kamau Brathwaite
A mystical masterwork This book by the great Barbadian poet Kamau Brathwaite is characteristically sui generis, vatic, and strange, exhibiting ornery bravura. Tonally and typographically frenetic in the 'sycorax video style' he's been employing for decades, the work examines a major theme appropriate to a great poet in the late stages of his career: that of the afterlife. Brathwaite performs a kind of spiritual/aesthetic GPS in his poetry and is is a poet of undeniable stature, writing the final poems of his career.


The Practice of Multimodal Therapy

Arnold A. Lazarus
Most patients in psychotherapy suffer from a multitude of specific problems. Effective treatment calls for a wide yet focused range of specific approaches. Arnold A. Lazarus, originator of multimodal therapy, shows how a variety of strategies and techniques are more likely to bring lasting change. Whether evaluating therapist-patient compatibility or choosing an appropriate technique, he stresses the need to fit the treatment to the...