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Jane Kinsman, with contributions by Stephane Guegan
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec was an acute observer of Parisian life. This publication highlights Toulouse-Lautrec's skill as a painter and draughtsman, his experimentation in composition and the brilliance of his technical execution in all media. Here readers will experience a wide range of paintings and a selection of key drawings, posters and prints. Toulouse-Lautrec's career is traced from his earliest works and his student days at the Atelier Cormon to his...

Turner to Monet

Christine Dixon, Ron Radford, Lucinda Ward
This book presents a new look at landscape painting in the nineteenth century as it transformed from the depiction of known places to explorations of mood and time passing. Masterpieces in oil and watercolor illustrate the genre from its predominance in Britain to extraordinary manifestations in France, Germany and the rest of Europe. Turner to Monet shows the spread of landscape painting to new territories where European artists in Australia, Asia and the...