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Timeless Renaissance

Ricardo De Mambro Santos
Timeless Renaissance features 74 recently rediscovered drawings from the 16th through the early 18th centuries. The book offers a fascinating glimpse of Count Allessandro Maggiori (1764-1834) as an art collector and reveals the cultural and historical importance of the collection he assembled in his villa near Monte San Giusto. All of the works were clearly influenced by Raphael's 16th-century Renaissance ideals of beauty, which were further...


Rebecca J. Dobkins, Tasia D. Riley
Since the 1980s, Oregon-based art collectors George and Colleen Hoyt have amassed one of the finest private collections of Northwest Coast art in the United States. Transformations traces the history of contemporary Northwest Coast Native art since the 1950s. Included are works by some of the region's foremost Native artists of the past half century, including Robert Davidson, Doug Cranmer, Beau Dick, and Susan Point. The collection...