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Sacred Scripture

edited by Francis Martin
Fr. Francis Martin is that rare breed among scripture scholars: a master of the biblical languages, trained in the best elements of the historical-critical method, who has also mastered the philosophical and thrological traditions necessary for adequately interpreting Scripture in faith.

Science and Belief in the Nuclear Age

Peter E. Hodgson
This excellent work is written not just for experts, but for the average Christian who wants to know how his faith has to do with modern cosmological and atomic theories. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Peter Hodgson has lectured on and tutored physics and mathematics in the University of Oxford for forty years, and has been engaged on research in experimental and Theoretical nuclear physics for over fifty years. He was a member of the Council of Atomic Scientists’ Association from 1952-1959 and edited...

The Sentences, Book 1

Peter Lombard, translated by Becket Soule, OP
Although he wrote sermons, letters, and commentaries on Holy Scripture, Lombard's Four Books of Sentences (1148-51) established his reputation and subsequent fame, earning him the title of magister senteniarum ("master of the sentences:). The Sentences, a collection of teachings of the Church Fathers and opinions of medieval masters arranged as a systematic treatise, marked the culmination of a long tradition of theological pedagogy, and until the 16th century it was the official...

Shakespeare the Papist

Peter Milward
Sapientia Classics Series Shakespeare, who wrote at the beginning of the long period in which the Catholic faith as violently suppressed in the British Isles, has long enjoyed an iconic status. Some readers have interpreted him as an early agnostic, expressing modern angst about whether anything exists besides "this mortal coil" that seems to be merely "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." In recent years, however, thanks largely to the work of Peter Milward, close study of Shakespeare's plays has...

St. Thomas Aquinas Commentary on Colossians

Thomas Aquinas
St. Thomas Aquinas's biblical commentaries have been somewhat neglected. Similarly, many readers of the Bible do not spend much time with Colosians. This pearl of a Commentary should assist not only in renewing interest in Aquinas's exegetical insights, but also in deepening our appreciation of the richness of the Epistle to the Colossians.


Serge-Thomas Bonino
Faith and Reason: Studies in Catholic Theology and Philosophy Series In the first section, Etienne Fouilloux describes the arc of Henri de Lubac's career up to the publication of his Surnaturel; Georges Chantraine, S.J., describes de Lubac's Surnaturel; Henry Donneaud, O.P., describes the early Thomistic response to the book; and Rene Mougel depicts Jacques Maritain's position on the topic. In the second section, focusing on Thomas Aquinas and the...