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Space Invaders

edited by Jaklyn Babington
Off the street and into the gallery. This exciting book looks at work from the past five years by some 35 contemporary artists from around Australia. Playful, edgy, clever, satirical and political, street art has significantly altered Australian visual culture over the past decade and has announced the arrival of a new generation of contemporary artists. Space invaders engages with these developments and the radically differing...

Stars of the Tokyo Stage

Lucie Folan
Stars of the Tokyo Stage celebrates the glamor of kabuki theater amid the dynamic atmosphere of Japan in the 1920s and 30s. Natori Shunsen's superb woodblock portraits of the superstar actors of the time are exquisitely reproduced and discussed in detail, alongside a selection of spectacular costumes from the kabuki stage. Stars of the Tokyo Stage brings together essays by experts in the fields of kabuki, printmaking, and modern Japan. It is a lavishly illustrated,...

Sydney Long

Anne Gray
Sydney Long (1871–1955) was Australia's foremost Art Nouveau painter and a major Symbolist. He created haunting images of the Australian landscape with decorative, poetic, musical qualities. He broke new ground by populating the landscape with nymphs and fauns, and the sinuous, graceful forms of trees and birds, seeking to convey the weird mystery of the Australian bush. This publication also features the delightful landscapes and cityscapes painted by Long in Australia and England, distinguished by his...