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Marceline Desbordes-Valmore, edited by Deborah Jenson, Doris Y. Kadish
A dugout canoe comes ashore on the island of Saint-Barthélemy in the Antilles; in it are a black man, Arsène, and a sleeping white child, Sarah. Seeking refuge, they are taken in by a good man, but the overseer of his plantation threatens both Arsène and Sarah with the loss of their freedom. Deborah Jenson and Doris Kadish introduce Sarah, an 1821 novella by Desbordes-Valmore, explaining its autobiographical background, political context (the revolt...

Selected Poetry and Prose of Évariste Parny: In English Translation, with French Text

edited by Françoise Lionnet, translated by Peter Low, Blake Smith
Praised by Voltaire and admired by Pushkin, Évariste Parny (1753-1814) was born on the island of Réunion, which is east of Madagascar, and educated in France. His life as a soldier and government administrator allowed him to travel to Brazil, Africa, and India. Though from the periphery of France's colonial empire, he ultimately became a member of the Académie Française. Despite...

Service Learning and Literary Studies in English

edited by Laurie Grobman, Roberta Rosenberg
Service learning can help students develop a sense of civic responsibility and commitment, often while addressing pressing community needs. One goal of literary studies is to understand the ethical dimensions of the world, and thus service learning, by broadening the environments students consider, is well suited to the literature classroom. Whether through a public literacy project that demonstrates the relevance of literary study or...

Shakespeare's King Lear

edited by Richard Knowles, with Kevin J. Donovan
Inaugurated in the 1860s, and the standard reference edition of Shakespeare's work, each volume of the New Variorum Shakespeare presents complete textual and critical histories of each line of the play, along with extensive essays on criticism, sources, stage history, and more. The New Variorum Editions are valuable resources for an international audience of scholars, students, directors, actors, and general readers. Overseen by three...


Johanna Spyri, edited by Anna Lisa Ohm
Johanna Spyri, best known for her iconic Heidi, sends another young heroine into the world, this time to face the challenges of adulthood and professional life. Sina Normann leaves her close-knit alpine community to become one of the first women to attend medical school at the University of Zürich. Along her chosen path she must confront her family's fears, her instructors' prejudices, and the demands of her own heart. Published not long after women were first admitted to the...

Spanish Golden Age Drama

John J. Reynolds, Szilvia E. Szmuk

The Story of Ernestine

Marie Riccoboni, translated by Joan Hinde Stewart, Philip Stewart
Set in prerevolutionary France, The Story of Ernestine tells of the love between an innocent young woman and an aristocrat. Ernestine, German-born and orphaned, is an apprentice painter putting the finishing touches on a portrait when the marquis de Clémengis, elegant and handsome, enters the studio. Recognizing him as the subject of the portrait, she gestures for him to be seated and goes on working, looking back and forth between him and his likeness. The...

The Story of the Marquise-Marquis de Banneville

François-Timoléon de Choisy, Marie-Jeanne L'Héritier, Charles Perrault, translated by Steven Rendall, introduction by Joan DeJean
The beautiful Marquise de Banneville meets a handsome marquis, and they fall in love. But the young woman is actually a young man (brought up as a girl and completely in the dark about her—or his—true sex), while the marquis is actually a young woman who likes to cross-dress. Will they live happily ever after? In the introduction, Joan DeJean presents the fascinating...

Studies on Canadian Literature

edited by Arnold E. Davison

Study Abroad: Traditions and New Directions

edited by Miriam Fuchs, Sarita Rai, Yves Loiseau
Thanks to an increasingly interconnected global economy, the role of study abroad in twenty-first-century education has expanded. Student participation continues to grow as disciplinary offerings broaden; meanwhile, programs face persistent challenges to maximize access, strengthen language learning and multicultural awareness, reduce research bias, ensure funding, and maintain safety and security. Designed as a resource for use in creating and...