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Papua New Guinea Prints

Melanie Eastburn
Papua New Guinea Prints is the first in-depth study of printmaking in Papua New Guinea from its beginnings in the late 1960s to the present. It explores the National Gallery of Australia's exceptional collection of over 600 prints and drawings from Papua New Guinea, including the earliest known contemporary prints. Richly illustrated and clearly written, Papua New Guinea Prints is a groundbreaking contribution to the understanding of a vital period in the history of art in Papua New Guinea. The book is...

Peter and the Wolf

Danila Vassilieff
Peter and the Wolf is a Russian folk tale that has entranced children and adults for generations. Sixteen of Danila Vassilieff's illustrations for the story are featured in this delightful publication by the National Gallery of Australia. The original works are part of two separate series painted by Vassilieff in late 1948 in his home at Warrandyte, near Melbourne, Australia. They are painted in water-based paint on butchers' paper and because of their extreme fragility will rarely be on public display. By...

Picture Paradise

Gael Newton
Picture Paradise chronicles the transmission and adoption of new developments in photography from Europe to the Asia-Pacific region. It is the first survey of the early photography from this diverse region covering India and Sri Lanka, Southeast and East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, to the West Coast of North America. It includes pioneer local photographers as well as European photographers working in the region and reveals the rich heritage and the many...

Printed Images by Australian Artists, 1885-1955

Roger Butler
This volume follows printmaking through a seventy-year period, from the latter part of the ninteenth century as the print, freed from its reproductive bonds, became a vehicle for pure artistic expression; through the great social and political traumas of the first half of the twentieth century, when the print was co-opted to carry a political message; and concludes in the immediate postwar years with prints that signal the artists' seach for meaning and an awareness of self.

Printed Images in Colonial Australia, 1801-1901

Roger Butler
This book reveals some of the remarkable colonial works that form the cornerstones of the National Gallery of Australia’s collection of Australian prints. The earliest intaglio prints were produced in New South Wales by a free settler, John Lewin, whose exquisitely hand-colored etchings of moths and birds were published in 1805 and 1808–13. The first views of the colony to be printed locally were published in 1812–14 by an entrepreneurial emancipist and engraved by the convicts...

The Prints of Jessie Traill

edited by Roger Butler
This eagerly awaited publication celebrates the artistic career of one of Australia's most important printmakers of the twentieth century, Jessie Traill. Embracing the medium of etching in the early 1900s, Jessie Traill forged a radical path for printmaking in Australia through the duality of her vision. Depicting the beauty of the natural environment alongside dynamic images of industry, her lyrical response showed a profound understanding of the dilemma which requires nature to be sacrificed in...