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Our Land

National Gallery of Australia / Author
This fun, colorful, and educational book introduces pre-schoolers to the art of Indigenous Australians and the idea of sharing and caring for our land. Children will develop their observation, manual-dexterity, and coordination skills as they piece together works of art by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. Our Land will take children to places beyond their imagination as they learn new words and develop greater understanding of what it means to...

Out of the West

Anne Gray
Art in Western Australia has always been independent of the art made elsewhere in Australia. The isolation of Perth and surrounding areas, particularly in the 19th century, ensured that its art would be distinctive. When early explorers and settlers arrived, they were mesmerized by the light, heat, long horizons, and vast expanses, which motivated them to create idyllic imagery of the Australian landscape. By the end of the 19th century, a professional art scene had begun to develop,...