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N by E

Rockwell Kent
A classic tale of seafaring, shipwreck, and survival, reprinted from Wesleyan University Press's 1978 facsimile of the original. When artist, illustrator, writer, and adventurer Rockwell Kent first published N by E in a limited edition in 1930, his account of a voyage on a 33-foot cutter from New York Harbor to the rugged shores of Greenland quickly became a collectors' item. Little wonder, for readers are immediately drawn to Kent's vivid descriptions of the experience; we share "the feeling of wind and wet and cold, of lifting...

NAFTA Tax Law and Policy

Arthur J. Cockfield
Under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Canada, the United States, and Mexico continue to maintain their own distinct tax regimes, jealously guarding their sovereign right to do so. At times, these different tax systems harm the economic welfare of the trade bloc by imposing barriers to cross-border flows of capital. In NAFTA Tax Law and Policy, Arthur J. Cockfield analyzes these different tax systems and proposes a...

NASA and the Space Industry

Joan Lisa Bromberg
Few federal agencies have more extensive ties to the private sector than NASA. NASA's relationships with its many aerospace industry suppliers of rocket engines, computers, electronics, gauges, valves, O-rings, and other materials have often been described as "partnerships." These have produced a few memorable catastrophes, but mostly technical achievements of the highest order. Until now, no one has written extensively about them. In NASA and the Space Industry, Joan Lisa Bromberg explores how...

NATO in Search of a Vision

edited by Gülnur Aybet, Rebecca R. Moore, foreword by Lawrence Freedman, with contributions by Gülnur Aybet, Rebecca R. Moore, Jamie Shea, Ryan Hendrickson, Friis Arne Peterson, Hans Binnendijk, Charles Barry, Peter Lehmann Nielsen, Martin A. Smith, Sean Kay, Roger E. Kanet
As the NATO Alliance enters its seventh decade, it finds itself involved in an array of military missions ranging from Afghanistan to Kosovo to Sudan. It also stands at the center of a host of regional and global partnerships. Yet, NATO has still to...

NATO's Return to Europe

edited by Rebecca R. Moore, Damon Coletta, foreword by Nicholas Burns, with contributions by Rebecca R. Moore, Damon Coletta, John R. Deni, Schuyler Foerster, Andrew T. Wolff, Magnus Petersson, Sten Rynning, Ivan D. Ivanov
NATO's 2010 Strategic Concept officially broadened the alliance's mission beyond collective defense, reflecting a peaceful Europe and changes in alliance activities. NATO had become an international security facilitator, a crisis-manager even outside Europe, and a...

The NCAA and the Exploitation of College Profit-Athletes

Richard M. Southall, Mark S. Nagel, Ellen J. Staurowsky, Richard T. Karcher, Joel G. Maxcy
A well-constructed and reasoned debunking of the mythology of amateurism in for-profit NCAA athletics For the last 60-plus-years, as the revenue-generating capacity of Power Five football and men's basketball has dramatically increased, NCAA Division I Power Five football and men's basketball players (college profit-athletes) have been economically exploited, their...

NYPD Battles Crime

Eli B. Silverman
In the last five years, New York City has experienced the nation's most dramatic reduction in crime. While the New York Police Department is receiving extensive publicity and praise as the key agent for the sharp decline, many experts downplay the NYPD's role, arguing instead that prevailing social, economic, and demographic conditions are the primary reasons for the unprecedented drop in crime rates.This timely book informs the debate by detailing how innovative strategies...

Naamiwan's Drum

Maureen Matthews
Naamiwan's Drum follows the story of a famous Ojibwe medicine man, his gifted grandson, and remarkable water drum. This drum, and forty other artefacts, were given away by a Canadian museum to an American Anishinaabe group that had no family or community connections to the collection. Many years passed before the drum was returned to the family and only about half of the artefacts were ever returned to the museum. Maureen Matthews takes us through...

Nabokov's Secret Trees

Stephen H. Blackwell
In nearly all his literary works, Vladimir Nabokov inscribed networks of trees to create meaningful patterns of significance around one or more of his passionate interests – in consciousness, memory, creativity, epistemology, ethics, and love, with a deep connection to nature serving as a constant undercurrent. Nabokov's Secret Trees explores this neglected area of his art, one that positions nature as a hidden but vital core of his work. The book presents an entirely new, previously unsuspected Nabokov,...

Nahanni Journals

Raymond Murray Patterson, edited by Richard C. Davis, foreword by Justin Trudeau
When you cross an Oxford graduate with a young man seeking gold and adventure in the remote wilderness, the result is Nahanni Journals. In this fascinating account of Raymond Patterson, a Londoner who finds his destiny in the Nahanni and Flat Rivers region of the Northwest Territories, Richard C. Davis reveals to us an extraordinary life. Patterson's adventures are as swift and unpredictable as the river he canoes.

A Name for Herself

L.M. Montgomery, edited by Benjamin Lefebvre
Years before she published her internationally celebrated first novel, Anne of Green Gables, L.M. Montgomery (1874–1942) started contributing short works to periodicals across North America. While these works consisted primarily of poems and short stories, she also experimented with a wider range of forms, particularly during the early years of her career, at which point she tested out several authorial identities before settling on the professional moniker...

Namibia's Rainbow Project

Robert Lorway
What are the consequences when international actors step in to protect LGBT people from discrimination with programs that treat their sexualities in isolation from the "facts on the ground"? Robert Lorway tells the story of the unexpected effects of The Rainbow Project (TRP), a LGBT rights program for young Namibians begun in response to President Nujoma's notorious hate speeches against homosexuals. Lorway highlights the unintended consequences of this program, many of...

Naming Edmonton

City of Edmonton
Do you know the stories behind Edmonton's place names? Naming Edmonton: From Ada to Zoie tells you the who, what and why behind the signs on Edmonton's streets, parks, neighbourhoods, subdivisions and other features, including bridges, walkways, cemeteries, ravines and waterways. By exploring the people, the events and the natural features that inspired Edmonton's place names, the history and development of the city's areas unfold. Why did Harry Belafonte always ask for Zoie Gardner when he visited...

Naming God

edited by Lucinda Mosher
A fresh look at how Christians and Muslims speak of God Naming God entails labeling the ineffable. And yet the Bible itself oscillates between denying that God can be named and describing how God shows Godself anyway. In Naming God, the result of the 2021 Building Bridges Seminar—an international dialogue of Christian and Muslim scholars—the contributors examine the many ways Christians and Muslims refer to and describe God and the significance of naming God differently. This...

Naming Our Sins

edited by Jana M. Bennett, David Cloutier
What would it take to renew our ability to name our sins in a meaningful and pertinent way? Naming sins is a particularly important task for Catholic moral theology, but it is one that often falls back into a paradigm of simple violations of rules. While laws and commandments are essential, Vatican II's universal call to holiness and the revival of virtue ethics require moving further. Yet in part because...

The Nanticoke

David W. Harp and Tom Horton
Once again marrying photography with prose, longtime collaborators David W. Harp and Tom Horton capture the natural beauty and rich history of the Nanticoke River, one of the Chesapeake’s least known waterways. Despite rampant development and agricultural abuse, the Nanticoke remains one of the most pristine rivers of the Chesapeake Bay watershed, looking much as it did when Captain John Smith first sailed its waters four hundred years ago. While parts of the river drain...

Napoleon the Fourth

Col. Digby Hague-Holmes
Jun 2015 - Abbey Press
When the French Emperor Napoleon III died in exile on the outskirts of London in 1873, the Bonapartists of France pinned their hopes on his teenage son and heir and declared him 'Napoleon IV'. Eager to live up to the glory of his name and to undo the shame of his father's disastrous defeat at Sedan, young Louis — 'le Petit Prince' — saw a military career as the best beginning of his journey to the throne of France. It would prove to be the end. England reeled from shock when, in June 1879, news broke...

The Narcotic Farm

Nancy D. Campbell, James P. Olsen, JP Olsen, Luke Walden, foreword by Sam Quinones
The United States Narcotic Farm opened in 1935 in the rolling hills of Kentucky horse country. Portrayed in the press as everything from a "New Deal for the drug addict" to a "million-dollar flophouse for junkies," the sprawling art deco facility was equal parts federal prison, treatment center, working farm, and research laboratory. Its mission was to rehabilitate addicts, who were...

Narnia and the Fields of Arbol

Matthew T. Dickerson, David O'Hara
The remarkable breadth of C. S. Lewis's (1898–1963) work is nearly as legendary as the fantastical tales he so inventively crafted. A variety of themes emerge in his literary output, which spans the genres of nonfiction, fantasy, science fiction, and children's literature, but much of the scholarship examining his work focuses on religion or philosophy. Overshadowed are Lewis's views on nature and his concern for environmental...

Narrated Films

Avrom Fleishman
In Narrated Films, Avrom Fleishman explores the distinctive literary techniques often used by filmmakers to tell their stories. Through close viewings of ingeniously paired films, Fleishman documents five narrational practices in the cinema: voice-over (Orpheus and Sunset Boulevard); dramatized narration, in which the film is a story that one character tells another (The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Hiroshima Mon Amour); multiple narration, in which a number of characters tell...