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L. M. Alcott

edited by Madeleine B. Stern

L.A. Xicano

edited by Chon A. Noriega, Terezita Romo, Pilar Tompkins Rivas
L.A. Xicano accompanies four interrelated exhibitions that explore the diverse artistic contributions of Mexican American and Chicano artists to American art and to Los Angeles's artistic development since 1945. The volume's six illustrated essays examine the life and works of dozens of artists and photographers. The authors consider the context of their turbulent history, particularly the development of the Chicano Movement. The L.A. Xicano project was organized by the UCLA...

LGBTQ Health Research

edited by Ron Stall, PhD, MPH, Brian Dodge, PhD, José A. Bauermeister, PhD, MPH, Tonia Poteat, PhD, MPH, and Chris Beyrer, MD, MPH
The first book focused entirely on the growing field of LGBTQ health research, this volume provides the necessary public health tools to teach about and study LGBTQ populations effectively. Over the last 30 years, the health needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer Americans have become increasingly recognized, in particular for the ways in which they are...

LGBTQ Leadership in Higher Education

edited by Raymond E. Crossman
Why does queer leadership matter? In this book, the first of its kind, 15 LGBTQ presidents and chancellors in higher education provide insight into their experiences and highlight the importance of queer leadership for the academy and the world. Prior to this century, there were few known gay or lesbian presidents in North American higher education. Mary Emma Wooley, president of Mount Holyoke College from 1901 to 1937, is documented because her life on campus with her partner,...

LISREL Issues, Debates and Strategies

Leslie A. Hayduk
LISREL: Issues, Debates, and Strategies examines issues of concern to researchers already familiar with the basics of structural equation modeling. Building on his earlier work in Structural Equation Modeling in LISREL, Leslie Hayduk explains procedures that maximize researchers' control over the meanings of their concepts and integrates the modeling of single and multiple indicators. The constraints and deceptions of the factor model are used to highlight measurement issues and the...

La Diana of Montemayor as Social and Religious Teaching

Bruno M. Damiani
Jorge de Montemayor's great pastoral novel La Diana (1559), one of the fountainheads of Spanish Renaissance literature, has often been regarded as a work written merely to amuse an effete courtly world. Bruno M. Damiani argues here that, far from being simply a "pastoral dream," Diana has profound socio-historical and religious dimensions, and that Montemayor's intentions in it were largely moral and instructive. The timeless, idyllic nature which forms the essence...

La España que sobrevive

Fernando Diaz-Plaja, William W. Cressey
Students of Spanish language and culture can now benefit from a text that provides them with an understanding of contemporary Spanish history and society while refining their knowledge of the language and expanding their vocabulary. La España que sobrevive (originally published in Madrid in 1987) explores the aftermath of the Franco era in Spain. It presents an objective and nonpartisan, yet humorous and affectionate, view of the important aspects of contemporary Spanish history and...

La Nilsson

Birgit Nilsson, translated by Doris Jung Popper, OtherGeorg Solti, Peggy Tuller

La Potestad Legislativa de la Iglesia Catolica (1925)

Jose Correa
CUA Press is proud to announce the CUA Studies in Canon Law. In conjunction with the School of Canon Law of the Catholic University of America, we are making available, both digitally and in print, more than 400 canon law dissertations from the 1920s - 1960s, many of which have long been unavailable. These volumes are rich in historical content, yet remain relevant to canon lawyers today. Topics covered include such issues as abortion, excommunication, and infertility.

La Raza

edited by Colin Gunckel, with Luis Garza, Amy Scott
La Raza, launched in 1967 in the basement of an Eastside LA church, was conceived as a tool for community-based organizing during the early days of the Chicano movement. The all-volunteer staff of the newspaper—and the magazine that followed—informed readers and exhorted them to action through images and articles that showcased protests and demonstrations and documented pervasive social inequity and police abuse. La Raza's photographers played a critical role as artists, journalists, and...

La Serenissima

edited by Hardy S. George
For over a millennium, the Italian coastal state of the Most Serene Republic of Venice, or La Serenissima, flourished as a center for sea trade and the arts. Here an important final phase of late Baroque mythological and Biblical painting took place. Venice also became an important destination on the Grand Tour, where its aquatic setting and unique network of canals, palaces, and churches inspired a talented group of view painters,...

La dame à la louve

Renée Vivien, edited by Melanie Hawthorne
Although Renée Vivien led a life of wealth and privilege in belle epoque Paris, she often felt like an outsider because she was attracted to other women. Financially secure, she wrote books to suit her own taste rather than that of the literary market. La dame à la louve, from 1904, shows her at the height of her powers. These fierce, surprising stories challenge moral hypocrisy and normative views about gender, beginning with the title work, which offers a coded representation of...

Labor and Industrial Relations

Matthew A. Kelly
Comprehensive and current, Labor and Industrial Relations is an essential three-part reference and source book for students, teachers, and practitioners of labor-management relations. Drawing from both classroom and bargaining-table experience, Matthew A. Kelly provides a detailed glossary of collective bargaining and labor-related terms, a chronological compendium of labor legislation, and concise summaries of major court decisions and...

Labor in State-Socialist Europe, 1945–1989

edited by Marsha Siefert
Labor regimes under communism in East-Central Europe were complex, shifting, and ambiguous. This collection of sixteen essays offers new conceptual and empirical ways to understand their history from the end of World War II to 1989, and to think about how their experiences relate to debates about labor history, both European and global. The authors reconsider the history of state socialism by re-examining the policies and problems of...

Labor under Siege

Harvey Schwartz, Ronald E. Magden
At six feet four inches and with a powerful speaking style, Big Bob—Robert McEllrath's waterfront handle—was heralded for his charisma, unifying vision, and negotiating prowess. President of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) for twelve eventful years, McEllrath retired in 2018 after nearly forty years as a union officer. More than a biography of a storied career, Labor under Siege explores...

Laboratory Disease

Christoph Gradmann
translated by Elborg Forster
In the nineteenth century, the new field of medical bacteriology identified microorganisms and explained how they spread disease. This book interweaves the history of this discipline and the biography of one of its founders, Nobel Prize–winning German physician Robert Koch (1843–1910). Koch contributed to modern medicine by inventing or improving fundamental techniques such as bacterial staining, solid culture media, mass pure cultures, and...

Laboratory for Liberty

George Edward Frakes
This comprehensive study highlights the importance of legislative and extralegal committees in the political and institutional development of early American history, showing how the colonial experience modified a basic British institution, using it in the cause of legislative supremacy and, eventually, independence. The book illuminates the role played by committees in the growth of colonial self-government, tracing the committee system to its...

A Laboratory of Transnational History

edited by Georgiy Kasianov, Philipp Ther
A first attempt to present an approach to Ukrainian history which goes beyond the standard 'national narrative' schemes, predominant in the majority of post-Soviet countries after 1991, in the years of implementing 'nation-building projects'.An unrivalled collection of essays by the finest scholars in the field from Ukraine, Russia, USA, Germany, Austria and Canada, superbly written to a high academic standard. The...

Labour Statistics for a Market Economy

Igor Chernyshev
The International Labour Office is the moving force behind the adoption of the Labour Force Survey in Western countries as the only reliable means of gathering information about trends in employment and unemployment, and on pay. The countries of East-Central Europe and the former USSR have recognized their need of such statistiics and turned to the ILO to help them set...

Lace in Translation

Matilda McQuaid, Nancy E. Packer
Lace in Translation explores the intersection of luxurious hand-craftsmanship with modern mass production. Utilizing unexpected materials and technologies, designers Tord Boontje and Demakersvan and sculptor Cal Lane created site-specific installations recasting traditional notions of lace. From a hand-woven raffia curtain and laser-cut fabrics, to a welded filigree oil tank and a lace chain-link fence, Lace in Translation offers a dynamic discourse about what lace is and how it functions.