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James B. Thompson

Henry M. Sayre
This book on the contemporary painter and printmaker James B. Thompson is a meditation on the possibility of discovering, in an American landscape wracked by the devastation of global warming, flood, drought, and environmental disaster, an uncanny beauty, even a source of affirmation and hope. Thompson's entirely abstract canvases and prints offer themselves up as metaphors for landscape, as terrains full of incident designed to reveal not only a sense of what we have lost but the creative...

James B. Thompson

Bob Hicks
James B. Thompson: Fragments in Time explores the development of Thompson's work over the past two decades, from his Certain Situations series of the mid-1990s to his more recent Forgotten Biography of Tools series from 2015. Bob Hicks best describes Thompson's work: "[it] grapples with the perplexing issues of cultural and geological change. [Thompson] ranges freely through ancient and forgotten forms to confront the mysteries and fractures of the universe, investigating not just the abandoned and the...