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Harry Widman

Roger Hull
Harry Widman: Image, Myth, and Modernism chronicles the life and times of the highly regarded Portland painter and teacher, who taught for 36 years at the Pacific Northwest College of Art (formerly the Portland Art Museum School) and served as interim dean during a critical period in the college’s history. Responding to the work of artists as diverse as Wassily Kandinsky and Robert Motherwell, Widman forged a mature style that combined an abstract vocabulary and sensibility with social and political...

Henk Pander

Roger Hull
Henk Pander has lived in Portland, Oregon, for 45 years but describes himself as a "reluctant immigrant" from his native Holland. He has maintained a cultural double vision. He records and interprets American technology, materialism, topography, and disaster in paintings and drawings that radically revise aspects of traditional Dutch painting in order to make hard-hitting American art. At the same time, he frequently paints specifically European scenes and subjects. His painted narratives range from...