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Garden of the East

Gael Newton
Garden of the East opens the door to a time of change in Indonesia in the century before independence from Dutch colonial interests. It takes the journey from the beginnings of photography in the region in the 1850s, which were driven by colonial interests, to the rise of the self-made Indonesian man and the upheaval before liberation in 1945, painting a portrait of the former Dutch East Indies and its eventual end. The portrait is one of immense beauty and mixed sentiment,...

George W. Lambert Retrospective

Anne Gray
George Washington Lambert (1873-1956) was one of Australia's most brilliant, witty, and influental artists, "the Australian Sargent," according to Barry Humphries. This comprehensive book presents the diverse range of Lambert's work from Australian bush subjects to Edwardian portraits and figure groups, from sparkling oil sketches to major battle paintings and large sculpture. Born in St. Petersburg to an American father and British mother, Lambert first came to Australia at age 13 and...

Grace Crowley

Elena Taylor
Grace Crowley was a leading figure in the development of modernism in Australia. Born in rural New South Wales in 1890, Crowley’s life and art intersected with some of the major movements in twentieth century art. Crowley’s long artistic journey over five decades from painter of traditional landscapes to avant-garde abstracts was extraordinary. While Crowley is still best known for her cubist paintings of the 1920s and 1930s, Grace Crowley: Being Modern includes works that have never before been exhibited and...