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Ecumenism & Philosophy

Charles Morerod
Ecumenism is generally done by theologians, but as Charles Morerod, OP makes clear in this groundbreaking book the divisions between Christians often have at their roots different philosophical pre-understandings. Furthermore, ecumenical dialogue itself is often conceived along lines similar to the progress one might hope to make in reconciling divergent scientific paradigms. Morerod sheds much needed light on the ecumenical issues and approaches that offer...

Elizabethan Shakespeare

Peter Milward, SJ
To know Shakespeare is to know his plays, not just one by one but all together or what T. S. Eliot calls "the pattern in his carpet”.

The Encyclicals of John Paul II

Fr. Zbigniew Tyburski
The teachings of Blessed John Paul II continue to shape the Catholic Church and its engagement with the modern world. This book explores John Paul II’s fourteen encyclicals and their powerful religious and moral insights, highlighting John Paul’s ethical approach to human life, social justice, and world peace.

Eternity, Time and the Life of Wisdom

Fr. Matthew Lamb
Father Matthew Lamb has devoted his life to recalling students and believers to the reality that there is a "life of wisdom," a way of living in the light of eternity, living in accord with what is highest in the human person. In our busy lives we often get distracted by the daily difficulties that we face, until it seems that we are simply living in order to work, pay taxes, and go shopping. In the midst of this environment, Father Lamb powerfully reminds us that our true identity is...