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Chaucer's Fame in England

Jackson Campbell Boswell, Sylvia Wallace Holton

Claire d'Albe

Sophie Cottin, edited by Margaret Cohen
Both Claire and her husband, M. d'Albe, are virtuous and upstanding, and Frédéric, her husband's nineteen-year-old adopted son and factory assistant, is honest and noble-hearted. But in the beautiful and secluded Loire Valley, the friendship between Claire and Frédéric gradually develops into a forbidden passion. Claire d'Albe (1799) was audacious in its day for its representation of adulterous love as a positive act of self-fulfillment. As the volume editor, Margaret...

The Comedy of Errors

edited by Standish Henning
The Comedy of Errors not only contains the complete text of the play but also presents the expanse of scholarly opinion and interpretation from the earliest commentary to the present. It covers dating, sources, and emendations to stage history and influential interpretations of particular words. This Variorum volume includes a CD that contains the contents as fully text-searchable PDFs with internal links for easy navigation. Inaugurated in the 1860s and the standard...

Confessions of a Poisoner, Written by Herself

translated by Raleigh Whitinger, Diana Spokiene
In Berlin, 1803, readers rushed to their bookstores and libraries to learn more about Countess Charlotte Ursinus, who had murdered several people with poison and was now in prison. To their surprise, Confessions of a Poisoner, Written by Herself turned out to be not an account by this serial killer but a novel, its author anonymous and its pages filled with promiscuous sex, sharp social criticism, and dark humor. In their introduction to the...

Contemporary Galician Cultural Studies

edited by Kirsty Hooper, Manuel Puga Moruxa
Galicia occupies an ambiguous position, at the crossroads between land and sea, the Atlantic north and the Mediterranean south, Spanish and Portuguese. For two centuries, its nationhood was ignored or disputed and its people migrated in great numbers to the Americas. What it means to be Galician, therefore, is a central question—particularly now, given Galicia's new autonomy and today's trends of globalization and pluralism. ...

Cultural Studies in the Curriculum

edited by Danny J. Anderson, Jill S. Kuhnheim
Cultural studies has shifted the focus of language and literary studies to concerns previously excluded from the classroom: the perspectives of marginal groups, the expressive forms and social practices of popular and mass cultures. Among Latin Americanists, this academic approach is strongly contested, for reasons both philosophical and political. In their introduction, the editors examine this conflict, relating the history of cultural...