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Beauty and Love

Şeyh Galip
The girl Beauty and the boy Love are betrothed to each other as children. But Beauty violates the custom of the tribe by falling in love with him, and Love must undergo the trials of a journey to the Land of the Heart to prove himself worthy—a journey to realization of both his and Beauty's true nature. The Turkish verse romance Beauty and Love, written in 1783 by ?eyh Galip, head of an Istanbul center of Rumi's order of the Whirling Dervishes, is an innovative interpretation of the Islamic love tale as a story of the...

Bekenntnisse einer Giftmischerin, von ihr selbst geschrieben

edited by Raleigh Whitinger, Diana Spokiene
In Berlin, 1803, readers rushed to their bookstores and libraries to learn more about Countess Charlotte Ursinus, who had murdered several people with poison and was now in prison. To their surprise, Confessions of a Poisoner, Written by Herself turned out to be not an account by this serial killer but a novel, its author anonymous and its pages filled with promiscuous sex, sharp social criticism, and dark humor. In their...

Brazilian Narrative Traditions in a Comparative Text

Earl E. Fitz
In the first volume of the MLA series World Literatures Reimagined, Earl E. Fitz examines the complex relation between Brazil and the United States: the colonial similarities and differences; the shared issues of slavery and racism; the mutual influences; and the political, economic, and cultural interactions, sometimes troubling, between the two nations. He also provides an extensive overview of Brazilian narrative, tracing its roots in both European and indigenous...

British Newspapers and Periodicals, 1641–1700

edited by Carolyn W. Nelson, Matthew Seccombe