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An American and Catholic Life

edited by Elizabeth Shaw
On the occasion of his eightieth birthday, friends and colleagues of Michael Novak assembled at Ave Maria University for a conference honoring his life's work. The essays in this collection are the fruits of that event, and together they demonstrate the unity of Novak's career. As Novak expounds in his masterpiece The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism (1982), the free society requires robust interplay of three systems: political, economic, and moral/cultural.

The Ashley Reader

Benedict Ashley
As one of the leading Catholic thinkers of our day, Benedict Ashley collects some of his most important and influential essays tacking such issues as human personhood, the nature of metaphysics, man's ultimate end, Jesus' knowledge of the Father, John Paul II's Theology of the Body, the hierarchical structure of the Church, Humanae Vitae and much more. This is a treasure trove for those seeking sound instruction in philosophy and Theology.