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ADHD in Adulthood

Margaret Weiss, M.D., Ph.D., Lily Trokenberg Hechtman, M.D.C.M., Gabrielle Weiss, M.D.C.M.
How does ADHD manifest itself in adult life? In general, the authors write, hyperactivity tends to diminish with age, impulsivity changes quality, and attention problems remain the same although they may become more disabling as organizational demands increase. The authors carefully answer the questions often posed by professionals and patients about these symptoms and other issues. They...

AIA Guide to the Architecture of Washington, DC, sixth edition

G. Martin Moeller, Jr.
This lively and informative guide offers tourists, residents, and architecture aficionados insights into nearly 450 of Washington, DC's, most noteworthy buildings and monuments. Organized into 19 discrete walking tours, plus one general tour of peripheral sites, this thoroughly revised sixth edition features projects ranging from early federal landmarks to twenty-first-century commercial, institutional, and residential buildings. It includes some 80 new entries covering...

Abandoned Children of the Italian Renaissance

Nicholas Terpstra
Nearly half of the children who lived in the cities of the late Italian Renaissance were under fifteen years of age. Grinding poverty, unstable families, and the death of a parent could make caring for these young children a burden. Many were abandoned, others orphaned. At a time when political rulers fashioned themselves as the "fathers" of society, these cast-off children presented a very immediate challenge and opportunity. In Bologna...

Abortion across Borders

edited by Christabelle Sethna, Gayle Davis
Safe, legal, and affordable abortion is widely recognized as an essential medical service for women across the world. When access to that service is denied or restricted, women are compelled to carry unwanted pregnancies to term, seek backstreet abortionists, attempt self-induced abortions, or even travel to less restrictive states, provinces, and countries to receive care. Abortion across Borders focuses on travel across...

Abraham Lincoln

Michael Burlingame
In the first multi-volume biography of Abraham Lincoln to be published in decades, Lincoln scholar Michael Burlingame offers a fresh look at the life of one of America's greatest presidents. Incorporating the field notes of earlier biographers, along with decades of research in multiple manuscript archives and long-neglected newspapers, this remarkable work will both alter and reinforce our current understanding of America's sixteenth president. Volume 1 covers Lincoln's early childhood, his experiences as...

The Absence of Grand Strategy

Steve A. Yetiv
Great powers and grand strategies. It is easy to assume that the most powerful nations pursue and employ consistent, cohesive, and decisive policies in trying to promote their interests in regions of the world. Popular theory emphasizes two such grand strategies that great powers may pursue: balance of power policy or hegemonic domination. But, as Steve A. Yetiv contends, things may not always be that cut and dried. Analyzing the evolution of the United...

Abstractions and Embodiments

edited by Janet Abbate, Stephanie Dick
Computers have been framed both as a mirror for the human mind and as an irreducible other that humanness is defined against, depending on different historical definitions of "humanness." They can serve both liberation and control because some people's freedom has historically been predicated on controlling others. Historians of computing return again and again to these contradictions, as they often reveal deeper structures. Using twin...

Abuse and Victimization across the Life Span

edited by Martha B. Straus
Abuse and Victimization across the Life Span addresses the problem of family violence from a developmental perspective. Rather than limiting the focus to a specific state of development, the book encourages professionals and students to consider the effects of violence on victims at all points in the life span, from infancy to late adulthood. For each period, chapters treat normal development, the effects of abuse on development, and strategies for change. The...

Academia Next

Bryan Alexander
The outlook for the future of colleges and universities is uncertain. Financial stresses, changing student populations, and rapidly developing technologies all pose significant challenges to the nation's colleges and universities. In Academia Next, futurist and higher education expert Bryan Alexander addresses these evolving trends to better understand higher education's next generation. Alexander first examines current economic, demographic, political, international, and policy...

The Academic Avant-Garde

Kimberly Quiogue Andrews
In The Academic Avant-Garde, Kimberly Quiogue Andrews makes a provocative case for the radical poetic possibilities of the work of literary scholarship and lays out a foundational theory of literary production in the context of the university. In her examination of the cross-pollination between the analytic humanities and the craft of poetry writing, Andrews tells a bold story about some of today's most innovative literary works. This pathbreaking intervention into...

Academic Capitalism

Sheila Slaughter, Larry L. Leslie
The globalization of the political economy at the end of the twentieth century is destabilizing the traditional patterns of university professional work. One of the major changes that has taken place as a result of globalization is that faculty, who were previously situated between capital and labor, are now positioned squarely in the marketplace. To grasp the extent of changes taking place and to understand the forces of change,...

Academic Capitalism and the New Economy

Sheila Slaughter, Gary Rhoades
As colleges and universities become more entrepreneurial in a post-industrial economy, they focus on knowledge less as a public good than as a commodity to be capitalized on in profit-oriented activities. In Academic Capitalism and the New Economy, higher education scholars Sheila Slaughter and Gary Rhoades detail the aggressive engagement of U.S. higher education institutions in the knowledge-based economy and analyze the efforts of...

Academic Capitalism in the Age of Globalization

edited by Brendan Cantwell, Ilkka Kauppinen, foreword by Sheila Slaughter
Today, nearly every aspect of higher education—including student recruitment, classroom instruction, faculty research, administrative governance, and the control of intellectual property—is embedded in a political economy with links to the market and the state. Academic capitalism offers a powerful framework for understanding this relationship. Essentially, it allows us to understand higher education's shift from...

Academic Fault Lines

Patricia J. Gumport
American public higher education is in crisis. After decades of public scrutiny over affordability, access, and quality, indictments of the institution as a whole abound. Campus leaders and faculty report a loss of public respect resulting from their alleged unresponsiveness to demands for change. But is this loss of confidence warranted? And how did we get to this point? In Academic Fault Lines, Patricia J. Gumport offers a compelling account of...

Accreditation on the Edge

edited by Susan D. Phillips, Kevin Kinser
Accreditation is essential to colleges and universities. Without it, they are unable to participate in federal student aid programs or confer legitimate degrees. In Accreditation on the Edge, Susan D. Phillips and Kevin Kinser bring together the expertise of different stakeholders to illustrate the complexities of the accreditation system and to map the critical issues that must be navigated going forward. Accreditation can...

Achieving Health for All

edited by David Bishai, PhD, MD, MPH, Meike Schleiff
The Alma-Ata Declaration of 1978 marked a potential turning point in global health, signaling a commitment to primary health care that could have improved the safety of air, food, water, roads, homes, and workplaces in all 180 countries that signed it. Unfortunately, progress in many countries stalled in the 1980s. The declaration was, however, embraced by a number of countries, where its implementation led to substantial improvement in...

Acid-Base Physiology

James L. Gamble, Jr., M.D.
This book develops a scientific approach to the study of clinical acid-base physiology, giving emphasis to the areas of most significance in diagnosis and therapy.

Across This Land, second edition

John C. Hudson
Based on decades of research and written in clear, concise prose by one of the foremost geographers in North America, John C. Hudson's Across This Land is a comprehensive regional geography of the North American continent. Dividing the terrain into ten regions, which are then subdivided into twenty-seven smaller areas, Hudson's brisk narrative reveals the dynamic processes of each area's distinctive place-specific characteristics. Focusing on how human...