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Robert Badinter, translated by Jeremy Mercer, OtherKenneth Roth
Part legal drama, part political procedural, Abolition is above all a passionate argument against the death penalty and the rare story of politicians’ willingness to fight for their principles, even against the popular will. Horrified by the guillotine execution of one of his clients in 1972, Robert Badinter dedicated his life to the abolition of the death penalty. Here, he recounts his efforts to publicly subvert the death penalty...

The Actual Moon, The Actual Stars

Chris Forhan, OtherRobert Cording

Alien Land

Willard Savoy, OtherRobert Burns Stepto
Alien Land is the passionate and haunting story of a light-skinned black man who can pass as white in mid-twentieth-century America. As a spiritually tormented child and young adult caught between two worlds in a segregated society, Kern Roberts puzzles over racism and agonizes over “why he's a nigger.” As a teenager studying at the exclusive Evans Academy in Vermont, Kern “passes” until a classmate maliciously exposes him. Anguished and resentful, he throws himself into working for the Freedom League...

All the Blood Tethers

Catherine Sasanov, OtherRosanna Warren

All-Night Visitors

Clarence Major , OtherBernard W. Bell

America Without the Death Penalty

John F. Galliher, Larry W. Koch, David Patrick Keys, Teresa J. Guess

The American Prejudice Against Color

Sarah Elbert, William G. Allen, Mary King, Louisa May Alcott

American Spirituals

Jeffrey Greene, OtherCarolyn Kizer

Anatomy of an Execution

Todd C. Peppers, Laura Trevvett Anderson
It is an undisputed fact that Chris Thomas was guilty of participating in a brutal double homicide. He was convicted of killing his girlfriend’s parents in November of 1990, was sentenced to death in November of 1991, and was executed by the Commonwealth of Virginia in January of 2000. Chris Thomas was one of the last juvenile offenders to be put to death before the Supreme Court ruled that the execution of juveniles constituted...


Casey Sherman
From the author of Boston Strong: A City’s Triumph Over Tragedy.“Joseph Barboza is the most dangerous individual known.”—FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, 1965Joe Barboza knew that there were two requirements for getting inducted into the Mafia. You had to be Sicilian. And you had to commit a contract killing. The New Bedford–born mobster was a proud Portuguese, not Sicilian, but his dream to be part of La Cosa Nostra proved so strong that he thought he could create a...

Armed Robbers In Action

Richard T. Wright, Scott H. Decker, OtherNeal Shover
One of the most feared crimes among urban dwellers, armed robbery poses a serious risk of injury or death, and presents daunting challenges for law enforcement. Yet little is known about the complex factors that motivate assailants who use a weapon to take property by force or threat of force.Armed Robbers in Action is not like previous studies that focus on the often distorted accounts of incarcerated offenders. Richard T. Wright and Scott...