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Africa at the Tropenmuseum

Paul Faber, Sonja Wijs, Daan Van Dartel
Mar 2015 - LM Publishers
Africa at the Tropenmuseum is not meant to be a general book on art from Africa, but rather a treatise on the formation and development of a specific Africa collection, which started at the beginning of the 20th cetnury with the fusion of the collections of the Colonial Museum in Haarlem, and the ethnographic collection of Artis, The Amsterdam Zoo. Many early objects were lost before Africa was formally integrated in the Tropenmuseum's policy in 1950, when the colonial phase of...

Architectural Quality

Tjeerd Dijkstra
Mar 2017 - LM Publishers
In 1985, in his role as chief government architect in the Netherlands, Tjeerd Dijkstra wrote a note on the concept of architectural quality and the criteria that, in his opinion, could be applied when assessing building plans. Some thirty years have elapsed and there is still a need for clarity about the concept of architectural quality. Here, Tjeerd Dijkstra describes which concepts play an important part in the definition of architectural quality. After a reflection on these...

Architecture from the Indonesian Past

Obbe H. Norbruis
Feb 2021 - LM Publishers
In Architecture from the Indonesian Past, Obbe H. Norbruis tells the story of a celebrated Dutch architecture firm, its unique buildings, and their designers. Fermont-Cuypers designed many buildings significant in Indonesia's history beginning in 1927 when an uprising broke out against the Dutch in the colony. In the early 1930s, the firm drew up plans for many schools, churches, villas, and offices. At the end of the 1930s the firm began to...

Art Fallen from Heaven

Koos van Brakel
Aug 2022 - LM Publishers
Art Fallen from Heaven offers a new perspective on the origin of modern Balinese sculpture in the 1930s and an overview of its evolution from 1932 to 1973. Thoroughly illustrated with photos of traditional and modern sculpture as well as historic photos, this exhibition volume provides an overview of the artists association Pita Maha (1936–39) and many of its members. After Bali was subjugated by Dutch colonial rule, patronage shifted from the ruling monarchs to tourists and the...

The Art of Collecting

Bea Brommer
Dec 2019 - LM Publishers
Painters were fascinated by the tropical landscapes, picturesque villages and markets, and especially the diverse inhabitants of the Dutch East Indies. In the first half of the 20th century a large group of European artists known as the Beautiful Indies painters worked there. Today the qualities of these East Indies paintings are fully recognized. Focusing on the exceptional Colauto-Van Peperstraten collection, this book shows how private collectors played a pioneering role by becoming experts in...

Artists and Their Inspiration

Helena Spanjaard
Jun 2016 - LM Publishers
This book covers the development of modern and contemporary art in Indonesia, from the colonial period in the 1930s to the present time of globalization. Each chapter is based on important historical moments that changed the course of the art world. Special attention is paid to individual artists who invented new concepts, styles, and techniques. The Indonesian art world is divided over several geographic centers that are far away from each other...