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edited by Nicholas Chambers, with Richard Meyer, Blake Gopnik, Brett Littman, Matt Wrbican, Nina Schleif, Thomas Sokolowski, Ellen Lupton
With the backdrop of 1950s New York and its burgeoning advertising industry, Adman focuses on the formative years of one of the twentieth century's most influential artists, Andy Warhol. Essays by Warhol scholars and other experts in their fields provide surprising insights into the beginning of Warhol's career, from his awardwinning work as a commercial illustrator through to his first,...

Art from Milingimbi

Cara Pinchbeck
There are particular moments in the history of art when exceptional things happen. Such a moment occurred in the 1950s in Milingimbi, the small island community in Arnhem Land in far northern Australia. Gathered in groups in the deep shade of the tamarind trees, artists worked alongside one another, their individual approaches and shared visual language resulting in a distinctive style of painting of a quality and scale never before seen. These artists – including Binyinyuwuy, Buranday,...

Australian Symbolism

Denise Mimmocchi
Featuring paintings, sculpture, photographs, and decorative arts, Australian Symbolism: The Art of Dreams is the only book on this subject and provides a fresh context for the work of some of the most wellknown Australian artists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It investigates two main streams of Symbolist art: those artists – such as Rupert Bunny, Bernard Hall, George Lambert, Arthur Loureiro, and Bertram Mackennal – who trained or worked overseas and drew directly from European...