July 1, 2001
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National Identity of Romanians in Transylvania

This meticulously researched and elegantly written book is the most authoritative study of the emergence of modern Romanian identity in Transylvania during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Based upon a plethora of contemporary published sources, Mitu approaches national identity from a variety of perspectives - from within the Romanian community itself and their reaction to the image others had of them.

The author sheds new light on the problems of self-evaluation using a method he describes as "functional analysis" to examine a complex set of ideologies and propaganda. This approach helps the reader to understand the intricate web of contemporary Romanian nationalism.

National Identity of Romanians in Transylvania appeals to scholars of modern Romanian history, those focusing on the Habsburg Monarchy and the study of modern nationalism. The book is an important contribution to the expanding debate on nationalism and national identity from an East European perspective.

About the Author

Sorin Mitu is Assistant Professor of History at the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj, Romania.


"Mitu's work bring to the attention of Western readers the aspirations and writings of a range of Romanian writers and political activists, reveals the ways in which national identity could be articulated in Eastern European societies, and identifies the characteristics ascribed to Romanians as they pressed for a share of political power in Transylvania."—American Historical Review

"This book boldly challenges the traditional canons and taboos of Romanian historiography, at a time when innovation is much needed."—Millennium

"Mitu's study, based on an impressive collection of contemporary documents, is situated in the 'long first half of the nineteenth century,' from the French Revolution to the Revolutions of 1848... Overall, this study constitutes and original and carefully crafted contribution to our understanding of the multifaceted process through which national identities are negotiated in the public realm."—Slavic Review


"Mitu's book is the first attempt to interpret the making of Transylvanian Romanians' self-identity. It is a fascinating story of ethnic pride and stigma, emerging from an immense corpus of sources, and documenting the birth of modern Romanian historical consciousness in a multiethnic province. The author, one of his country's most promising young scholars, is also at the forefront of national controversies on the canons of the historical profession, on history textbooks, and nationalism."—Sorin Antohi

"It is the most thorough and authoritative investigation of modern Romanian identity in Transylvania yet undertaken."—Keith Hitchins
Central European University Press


9789639116955 : national-identity-of-romanians-in-transylvania-mitu
324 Pages
$105.00 USD

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