July 15, 2024
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The Potential of a Middle Power

Romania's Foreign Policy in Central Asia within the Context of EU Membership

The large member states of the European Union have clear priorities when it comes to EU-level decisions, while the small member states hold veto power when decisions need to be taken unanimously. This book focuses on the potential of middle powers in EU decision-making using the example of Romania's relations with Central Asia. The author examines how Romania's diplomatic activities as a medium-sized member state - and as a newer member - can affect EU foreign policy. Ana-Maria-Andreea Anghelescu conducted a quantitative study of three hard power indices, as well as the soft presence dimension of the Elcano Index of Global Presence. The latter includes tourism, sport, culture, science, education, information, and migration. The statistical results were complemented by qualitative field research in Kyrgyzstan involving all five Central Asian countries.

The volume's analysis concludes that Romania underperforms in using its robust hard faculties to benefit the country's soft capabilities. Central Asia is a region where the EU must work hard to maintain its influence. By strengthening their presence in the region beyond bilateral partnerships, the EU's middle powers can play a key role in asserting Europe's pragmatic and normative interests.T

About the Author

Ana-Maria Anghelescu is an associated assistant professor at the Faculty of Political Science of the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration Bucharest, Romania, as well as an expert and project coordinator within the European Studies Unit of the European Institute of Romania.


9789633866719 : the-potential-of-a-middle-power-anghelescu
July 15, 2024
$79.00 USD

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