July 31, 2023
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Civil Movements in an Illiberal Regime

Political Activism in Hungary

Dániel Mikecz addresses in this study the tensions between oppositional civil society and party-political actors. As successive elections demonstrate the increasing confidence of the illiberal regime of Viktor Orbán, left and liberal parties of the opposition have faced a prolonged crisis in credibility. At the same time, the civil society has not been immobile, and bottom-up initiatives, social and political movements, and non-governmental organizations have gained momentum in the public sphere. The ruling power is also active in the extra-parliamentary political arena. Through national consultations, Peace Marches, and other means, Orbán's governing Fidesz party has mobilized voters outside of election campaigns and has implemented a so-called movement governance. The study offers a vivid examination of this top-down or astroturf mobilization of the regime.

Mikecz identifies the different patterns of activism and creates a coherent typology. He describes in detail each kind of activism based on opinion surveys, protest surveys and content analysis. The categorization and comprehensive exploration of civil movements provide a deep understanding of the mechanisms of illiberal postcommunist regimes.

About the Author

Dániel Mikecz, PhD is a political scientist. He focuses on social movements, civil society, political participation. Since 2013 he is a researcher at Center for Social Sciences, Institute for Political Science in Budapest. From 2010 he holds various courses at the Eötvös Loránd University on protest movements and political participation.
Central European University Press


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July 31, 2023
$65.00 USD

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