July 1, 2018
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Studies on the Illuminated Chronicle

The present volume of studies is the first Subsidium of the Central European Medieval Text series, accompanying CEMT vol. 9 on the Illuminated Chronicle (formerly called the Vienna Chronicle), written in the fourteenth century, which represents the international artistic style at the royal court of Louis I of Hungary. The volume of the text and its annotations did not allow including the detailed scholarly introduction into the same volume as is the custom with the other CEMT items. The essays in the book analyze the text and the illuminations of the Illuminated Chronicle in literaryhistorical, art historical and heraldic context. The relevant literature that goes back to more than 200 years is also summarized. Additional studies address issues connected with the narrative. Since the chronicle starts with the history of the Huns, imaginary ancestors of the Hungarians, the Attila tradition in Hungarian history writing is discussed. Extensive coverage is offered on the dynastic struggles of the eleventh century, placing them into the context of amicitia and deditio. The image of King St. Ladislas I as the "ideal king" is reviewed, a topic that received conspicuously detailed coverage in the chronicle. Finally, the fate of the fourteenthcentury chronicle texts during the subsequent centuries is examined, their appearance in legal texts, and their reception abroad.

About the Authors

János M. Bak, professor emeritus CEU (Budapest) and UBC (Vancouver) was editor in chief of Decreta Regni Mediaevalis Hungariae. The Laws of the Medieval Kingdom of Hungary (DRMH), and member of the editorial board of Central European Medieval Texts. László Veszprémy, DSc is medievalist, paleographer, visiting professor at CEU, Department of Medieval Studies, director of the Institute of Military History. Books: co-author of the series Mittelalterliche lateinische Handschriftenfragmente (1988-98); editor, among other books, of Simonis de Kéza, Gesta Hungarorum (1999 CEMT 1); and (with B. K. Király) A Millennium of Hungarian Military History (2002).
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