June 15, 2017
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Practices of Coexistence

Constructions of the Other in Early Modern Perceptions

The essays in this book provide interesting contributions to the ongoing debate concerning the representation of differing cultures, i.e., the "image of the Other" in the early modern period . They deal with images, projections, and perceptions, based on various experiences of coexistence. Although the individual contributions contain sources and references of iconography, this is not just another volume of art history or visual studies. As examples of practices in diverse historical contexts, the book includes a variety of textual material, such as literary productions, rhetorical exercises, dramatic applications, chronicles, epistles, and diary-like historical accounts that express ethnographic sensitivities. Thus, supported by a thorough research apparatus, these studies propose a new cultural history of the early modern coexistence of various communities, as identified in current research by young scholars.

Another novel feature of the volume is the deliberate digression of traditional scholars' focus and the investigation of rarely examined regions and practices. This approach allows the contributors to spotlight their special areas of research and to share a fresh new look at "the Renaissance."

About the Authors

Marianna D. Birnbaum is Research Professor in the Department of Germanic Languages at UCLA. She is also involved in the Medieval Studies Department's programs at the Central European University, Budapest.

Marcell Sebők is Assistant Professor at the Department of Medieval Studies of Central European University.


"The contributions in the volume collectively constitute a timely addition to the existing body of scholarship that has sought to problematize entrenched categories in the study of transnational political and cultural contacts between East and West, and to propose new models to better understand the complex processes of image-making that sparked from political coexistence in the early modern period."—World Literature Studies


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