February 1, 2015
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October 1, 2016
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Free Speech and Censorship Around the Globe

Edited by Peter Molnar

This book focuses on regulatory challenges of creating and sustaining freedom of speech and freedom of information two decades after the fall of the Berlin wall, in global, comparative context. Some chapters overview, others address specific issues, or describe country case studies. Instead of trying to provide an exhaustive assessment which in one volume might not reach deeper analyzes of contextual details, this book will shed light on and help better understanding of general challenges for freedom of speech and information through varying comparative examples and highlighting important regulatory questions.

About the Author

Péter Molnár is Research Affiliate on Freedom of Speech at the Center for European Enlargement Studies at Central European University. He is a former member of the Hungarian Parliament (1990–1998), a writer, slammer, voluntary radio host and activist. Molnár was one of the principal drafters of the 1996 Hungarian media law, was member of the Hungarian Radio-Television Board's Complaint Commission (2001–2010), and legislative advisor (2002–2010).


9789633860564 : free-speech-and-censorship-around-the-globe-molnar
562 Pages
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9789633861899 : free-speech-and-censorship-around-the-globe-molnar
Paperback / softback
562 Pages
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