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February 28, 2020
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The Cycle of Life in the Paintings of Thai Artist Pichai Nirand

The paintings of contemporary Thai artist Pichai Nirand (b. 1936) are a vivid exploration of the interplay between Thailand's Buddhist roots and its modern aspirations and struggles. Pichai engages fully with the world and belief system around him. Accompanying the full-color paintings is an incisive examination of the Thai moral and social themes of Pichai's paintings in terms of the Buddhist cycle of life. Philip Constable's sensitive analysis of the social, political, economic, and moral dimensions affecting the artist, coupled with careful reference to other contemporary Thai artists, illuminates the deep meaning and expression behind each painting. This book showcases a celebrated Thai artist who has spent a lifetime providing a Thai Buddhist perspective on the dilemmas and contradictions of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.

About the Author

Philip Constable is senior lecturer in the history of modern Asia and the Asia-Pacific at the University of Central Lancashire.
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9786162151552 : the-cycle-of-life-in-the-paintings-of-thai-artist-pichai-nirand-constable
Paperback / softback
116 Pages
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