January 1, 2017
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Twenty-Five Sides of a Post-Communist Mafia State

The twenty-five essays accompany, illustrate and underpin the conceptual framework elaborated in Post-Communist Mafia State, published in conjunction with this volume. Leading specialists analyze the manifestations of the current political regime in Hungary from twenty-five angles. Topics discussed include the ideology, constitutional issues, social policy, the judiciary, foreign relations, nationalism, media, memory politics, corruption, civil society, education, culture and so on. Beyond the basic features of the economy the domains of taxation, banking system, energy policies and the agriculture are treated in dedicated studies. The essays are based on detailed empirical investigation about conditions in today's Hungary. They nevertheless contribute to the exploration of the characteristic features of post-communist authoritarian regimes, shared by an increasing number of countries in Europe and Central Asia.

About the Authors

Bálint Magyar is Research Fellow at CEU's Democracy Institute, working on the subject of patronalism in post-communist countries.

He was a member of the Hungarian Parliament (1990-2010). As a Minister of Education (1996-1998; 2002-2006) he initiated and carried out reforms in public and higher education.

Júlia Vásárhelyi is a journalist.


"Na pierwszy rzut oka tytuł może zniechęcić. Kojarzy się z epitetem, propa- gandowym pamfletem, jarmarkiem niedowarzonych polityków. Kto tę prze- szkodę w odbiorze przezwycięży, przekona się, że redaktorzy i autorzy musie- li być takiego skojarzenia świadomi, lecz zachowali jednak tytuł, gdyż przyjęli rozbudowaną koncepcję takiego państwa mafijnego i uznali, że spełnia ona wymogi narzędzia badań."—Ryszard Stemplowski, UDIA SOCJOLOGICZNO-POLITYCZNE


9786155513626 : twenty-five-sides-of-a-post-communist-mafia-state-magyar-vasarhelyi
660 Pages
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