May 7, 2024
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Mindful Organizing for Health, Home, and Beyond

Have you ever wondered why you can't summon the energy to declutter those piles of clothes on the floor? Do you wish you knew what policies your workplace could offer so everyone can think more clearly and feel better at work? Or maybe you've felt confused about which ideas even deserve your attention right now? You're not alone. And if you are ready for a change, this book is for you.

Coming from a public health expert who spent over two decades designing health initiatives around the world, Decluttered is a mindful exploration of how and why clutter manifests in our lives–and what we can do about it. Jenny Albertini invites readers to explore decluttering from personal and empathetic angles while acknowledging how clutter does not only manifest as "stuff" in our homes, but also in our relationships and in our everyday lives.

Blending stories and science with writing prompts and creativity exercises, this book will motivate readers to examine their relationship to their surroundings while reducing clutter for their health, in their homes, in their workplaces, and beyond. Jenny shares her own transformative journey of working in clinics in Africa and training under Marie Kondo, along with inspirational moments with clients from her years as professional organizer.

Decluttered will leave its readers feeling:
•Enlightened about underlying health issues related to clutter;
•Aware of what to prioritize for their decluttering journey; and
•Ready to take tangible steps that improve their work lives, home environments, and relationships.

A refreshing addition to the well-being and home genres, Decluttered helps to reduce shame and supports readers to transform their cluttered lives and spaces into foundations for healthy, balanced and intentional living.

Welcome to your world, decluttered.

About the Author

Jenny Albertini has been organizing health systems and closets around the world for more than two decades. At 36, she left a high-flying career in international health to train under Marie Kondo and become one of her first certified KonMari consultants, where she focused on finding joy within piles of clutter. While putting in thousands of hours of professional organizing Jenny has been featured on PBS, NBC, in the Washington Post, Apartment Therapy and many other media outlets. Recognized for her work fighting the AIDS epidemic while waging war on clutter, she has found a unique way to infuse public health into the professional organizing field. Now, nearly a decade into her career transition, Jenny's first book guides readers through how decluttering mindfully can improve our well-being. She lives in Washington, DC.


9781684352241 : decluttered-albertini
May 7, 2024
$28.00 USD

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