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March 2, 1989
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The Everyday World As Problematic

A Feminist Sociology

Winner of the American Sociological Association's Career of Distinguished Scholarship Award (1999)Winner of the Jessie Bernard Award for Feminist Sociology (1993)In this collection of essays, sociologist Dorothy E. Smith develops a method for analyzing how women (and men) view contemporary society from specific gendered points of view. She shows how social relations – and the theories that describe them – must express the concrete historical and geographical details of everyday lives. A vital sociology from the standpoint of women, the volume is applicable to a variety of subjects, and will be especially useful in courses in sociological theory and methods.

About the Author

Dorothy Edith Smith is a Canadian sociologist with research interests, besides in sociology, in many disciplines including women's studies, psychology, and educational studies, as well as sub-fields of sociology including feminist theory, family studies, and methodology. She also founded the sociological sub-disciplines of feminist Standpoint theory and Institutional Ethnography.

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