November 6, 2017
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Territorial Hues

The Color Print and Washington State, 1920-1960

Territorial Hues: The Color Print and Washington State, 1920-1960 will consist of prints that display the cultural and stylistic influences used by Washington State artists to produce highly exceptional works that reflect the color, light, and atmosphere that is unique to this region. The book focuses on several mediums including color woodcut, intaglio, serigraphy, and lithography. The influences of Japanese prints and regional appropriations of international movements will be examined as well as the local production of white-line prints.

About the Author

David F. Martin is a Seattle resident and the leading authority on Washington State regional art history. He is the author of A Fluid Tradition: The Northwest Watercolor Society at 75; Enduring Legacy: Women Painters of Washington, 1930-2005; and coauthor of Shadows of a Fleeting World: Pictorial Photography and the Seattle Camera Club.


9780998911205 : territorial-hues-martin
160 Pages
$29.95 USD

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