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December 29, 2023
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Transplanting the Womb

A Catholic Bioethical Analysis

Emergent technologies, especially in the realm of medicine, require new ethical examinations to determine their moral implications. Too often, the march of technological progress well outpaces these examinations, leaving doctors, researchers, and the general public without proper guidance regarding the morality of novel procedures. When this occurs, it is the duty of bioethicists to evaluate these emergent technologies and procedures to determine what is morally permissible.

Transplanting the Womb: A Catholic Bioethical Analysis, by Andrew S. Kubick, gives an extensive account of the ethical ramifications of uterus transplantation (UTx). Adapted from Kubick's doctoral dissertation, it examines the previous decade of advancements in this emerging field of medicine, evaluating both the progress made and the ethical concerns surrounding the process. The analysis is necessary, as no previous publications have provided an exploration of such depth. This book weighs both secular and Catholic ethical traditions, providing a detailed account of the development of the process, the literature published on the matter, and the process's place in the context of sound Christian anthropology.

Academically rigorous and faithful to the Catholic intellectual tradition, Transplanting the Womb will leave readers with both a greater understanding of uterus transplantation and a deeper appreciation of Catholic moral philosophy.

About the Author

Andrew S. Kubick is the Deputy Director of the National Center for Religious Freedom Education and Research Fellow for Bioethics and Medical Conscience, both at the Religious Freedom Institute. He also serves as Personal Consultations Ethicist Fellow at the National Catholic Bioethics Center.


9780935372779 : transplanting-the-womb-kubick
Paperback / softback
December 29, 2023
$29.95 USD

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