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September 1, 1975
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The Partisan War

The South Carolina Campaign of 1780-1782


"An exciting examination of a comparatively little known episode in the American Revolution. Weigley, an American military historian, boldly states his theme in the introduction: in this era when unconventional or guerilla war commands such an interest, it is instructive to view the South Carolina campaign against the British troops as an example of guerilla war. . . . Because of his skillful writing and brilliant analysis, Weigley has written a book for a wide audience. Quotations from Giap and Mao Tse-tung enliven his comparisons. Brief, with no footnotes, but a selective bibliography, highly original, Weigley's booklet is an excellent introduction to the military history of the American Revolution."—Choice

". . . a splendid addition to the Tricentennial Booklet series. . . . offers provocative opinions on the struggle that raged through the Carolina back country in the early 1780's. . . . Professor Weigley has broadened our outlook and challenged us to reexamine our conception of the Revolution in South Carolina."—South Carolina Historical Magazine

9780872491335 : the-partisan-war-weigley
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