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December 8, 2022
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Preaching to Latinos

Welcoming the Hispanic Moment in the U.S. Church

There is a wide and growing gap in the Catholic Church in the United States between the clergy, who are mostly of European descent, and the large percentages of Catholics who identify as Latinos. While the US Church has made a concerted effort to build Hispanic ministries, many clergy and lay ministers are still ill-equipped to understand the cultural background of their parishioners, especially the large numbers who are foreign born. Because of this disconnect, the Church risks missing "the Hispanic Moment" in the US Church, in which the faith and traditions of these newest waves of US immigration could not just exist in parallel to English-language congregations, but enrich and enliven the faith of the whole community while passing on the faith to subsequent generations.

Learning Spanish—while helpful—is not enough. There are intercultural competencies that can only be developed through practice, but it also helps already-busy clergy to have a concise guide. In addition to knowing the scholarly literature on cross-cultural preaching and Hispanic culture, Father Michael Kueber has twenty years of experience serving first generation Hispanic immigrants and their second generation children. In Preaching to Latinos, Kueber provides the readers with best practices for preaching to and leading their churches. As a member of an ecumenical community, he is able to speak to members of all Christian denominations.

About the Author

Michael Kueber is Director of Hispanic Ministry for the Archdiocese of Portland, Oregon. Hoffsman Ospino is Associate Professor of Hispanic Ministry and Religious Education and Chair, Department of Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry, Boston College.


"Provides an expansive, nuanced view of the context for Hispanic preaching today in Catholic parishes. A pastoral and broadly accessible treatment of a crucial subject for liturgical and catechetical ministries throughout the nation. Useful for the entire gamut of today's ecclesial ministers and leaders."—Allen Figueroa Deck, SJ, Loyola Marymount University


9780813236247 : preaching-to-latinos-kueber
Paperback / softback
December 8, 2022
$29.95 USD

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