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March 25, 2022
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Contemporary Catholic Approaches to the People, Land, and State of Israel

After Vatican II, the Roman Catholic Church began a process of stripping away anti-Jewish sentiments within its theological culture. One question that has arisen and received very scant attention regards the theological significance of the founding of the state of Israel in 1948 – and the attendant nakba, the plight of the Palestinian people. Some American evangelical Christians have developed a theology around the state of Israel, associating themselves with Zionism. Some Christian groups have developed a theology around the suffering of the Palestinian people and demand resistance to Zionism.

This unique collection of essays from leading Catholic theologians from the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, England, and the Middle East reflect on the theological status of the land of Israel. These essays represent an exhaustive range of views. None avoid the new Catholic theology regarding the Jewish people. Some contributors see this as leading towards a positive theological affirmation of the state of Israel, while distancing themselves from Christian Zionists. All contributors are committed to rights of the Palestinian people. Some affirm the need for strong diplomatic and political support for Israel along with equal support for Palestinians, arguing that this is as far as the Church can go. Others argue that the Church's
emerging theology represents the guilt conscience of Europe at the cost of the Palestinian people. None deny the right of Jews to live in the land.

Two Jewish scholars respond to the essays creating an atmosphere of genuine interfaith dialogue which serves Catholics to think further through these issues.

About the Authors

Gavin D'Costa is professor of catholic theology at the University of Bristol, UK. Faydra Shapiro is the Executive Director of the Israel Center for Jewish-Christian Relations.


"The importance of this volume lies in its engagement of an open and current theological question, in breadth and depth from multiple perspectives. The authors are all recognized experts in the field of Catholic-Jewish studies. The breadth of the study comes from the multiple contexts which the authors faithfully represent. I am not aware of another volume which brings such competent and diverse voices together. The question is significant, and the contribution of the volume will be significant."—Very Reverend Thomas A. Baima, Provost, University of St. Mary on the Lake, IL


9780813234854 : contemporary-catholic-approaches-to-the-people-land-and-state-of-israel-dcosta-shapiro-shapiro
Paperback / softback
March 25, 2022
$34.95 USD

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