May 26, 2023
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España Pontificia

Papal Letters to Spain 1198–1303

Peter Linehan (+2020) followed his survey of original papal letters in Portugal, Portugalia pontificia 1198-1417 (2013) with the present volume, España Pontificia, that covers papal letters to Spanish recipients from Pope Innocent II (1198-1216) to Pope Boniface VIII (+1303). This volume will provide students of the medieval papacy and the Spanish church with an invaluable research tool to explore the relationship between Rome and Spain during the crucial period of the Spanish Reconquista after the battles of Navas de Tolosa (1212) to the capture of Seville (1248).

Linehan spent his career cataloguing papal letters from more than sixty Spanish repositories. For the past sixty years the Vatican has also been engaged in publishing surveys of original papal letters preserved from various European archives. However, this volume includes material that has not been included in these surveys.

About the Author

Peter Linehan was a fellow of St John's College, Cambridge, and a fellow of the British Academy.


"España Pontificia is a treasure! Every student of the later medieval papacy and the evolution of diplomatics in the papal chancery in general, but especially with regard to medieval Spanish history, will use this volume."—Uta-Renate Blumenthal, The Catholic University of America

"The late and much-lamented Peter Linehan was one of the wittiest and cleverest medieval historians but also (a rare combination) an extraordinarily hard-working and tenacious one. España Pontificia, the result of over fifty years of archival research, is a monument of scholarship for church history. Its author's preface is also a comical and affectionate history of chasing papal letters through the Spanish ecclesiastical labyrinth."—Paul Freedman, Yale University

"This volume presents a magnificent final monument of Peter Linehan's scholarship. The collection of approximately 2000 documents is invaluable, the diplomatic descriptions a model of compression, and the Introduction a shining example of the author's capacity to combine learning and wit. Scholars of a vast range of topics will benefit from this work."—John Hudson, Bishop Wardlaw Professor of Legal History, University of St Andrews, L. Bates Lea Global Professor of Law, Michigan Law

"España Pontificía is, together with his monumental earlier Portugalía Pontificía, a fitting memorial to Peter Linehan, one of the greatest historians of medieval Iberia in the last half century. Ending where he began, with the papal links to the Iberian realms, Linehan has provided generations of scholars (now and into the far future) with the tools to explore in further detail the ecclesiastical history of the Iberian Peninsula in the Middle Ages, a field he pioneered in Anglo-American historiography. This is a triumph of erudition, careful attention to the text, and to archival sources. We are, once again, in debt to Linehan. His scholarly insights, commitment to the sources, and irreplaceable wit, so obviously on display in this and other books, will be always missed."—Teofilo F. Ruiz, University of California Los Angeles


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