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December 1, 2002
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Home and Beyond

An Anthology of Kentucky Short Stories

With an introduction by Wade Hall

Morris Grubbs has sifted through vintage classics, little-known gems, and stunning debuts to assemble this collection of forty stories by popular and critically acclaimed writers. In subtle and profound ways they challenge and overturn accepted stereotypes about the land their authors call home, whether by birth or by choice. Kentucky writers have produced some of the finest short stories published in the last fifty years, much of which focuses on the tension between the comforts of community and the siren-like lure of the outside world. Arranged chronologically, from Robert Penn Warren's "Blackberry Winter" to Crystal E. Wilkinson's "Humming Back Yesterday," these stories are linked by their juxtaposition of departures and returns, the familiar and the unknown, home and beyond.


"The story of the Commonwealth of Kentucky is told and retold by a mixed but balanced chorus of voices that sings like the wind down the ridges and along the creekbeds."—Appalachian Journal

"These stories address the clash between local heritage and mass culture that fragmented society after World War II."—Appalachian Quarterly

"A very readable and representative anthology of literary short stories from authors whose lives and works were shaped through association with the Commonwealth."—Arkansas Review

"Celebrates Kentucky's rich literary wealth."—Arts Across Kentucky

"Compiled for new and avid readers of the short story and for enthusiasts of Kentucky writers, this anthology brings together many of the finest literary short stories published in the last half-century."—Back Home in Kentucky

"Readers needn't be from Kentucky to appreciate these stories. . . . Prepare to be wowed by these superior examples of the form."—Bloomsbury Review

"If you love Kentucky authors, this anthology of short stories is a must for your Kentucky collection."—Bourbon Times

"This handsome volume will appeal to readers, students, and scholars of short fiction, Southern literature, and Kentucky writers."—Bowling Green Daily News

"It is high time that we had such a collection as this, an anthology of short stories from those authors by whom we are defined, and in whom we may seek definition."—Frederick Smock, Louisville Courier-Journal

"His theme—the struggle to balance the callings of home and the world too—is both universal and of particular significance to Kentuckians, living as we do in a place that the national consciousness once called the frontier and now calls the hinterlands."—George Ella Lyon

"An excellent book."—Journal of Appalachian Studies

"A compact library of widely diverse and well-crafted short stories told by and about twentieth-century Americans under Kentucky's spell."—Journal of the Jackson Purchase Historical Society

"A literary window into what it means to be at home in Kentucky."—Kentucky Alumnus

"This anthology will thrill and thoroughly entertain. . . . Sure to please the most critical of readers."—Lexington Herald-Leader

"From Robert Penn Warren to Bobbie Ann Mason, Kentucky hatches writers like other states create tourist traps."—Nashville Tennessean

"An inclusive, satisfying anthology of Kentucky short stories."—Now & Then

"These stories are teeming with sadness and laughter, with clear description of the geography of the land and of the mind, and with reverence for language, subtlety, irony, and eccentricity."—Southern Seen, Murray Ledger Times

"As represented in this fine collection, Kentucky short fiction stands in the shade of none."—Virginia Quarterly Review

"A bountiful smorgasbord of classic and lesser known stories by accomplished Kentucky writers who provide a feast for readers of modern short fiction. While Kentucky is the focus of the anthology, the world of imagination invoked by the authors is delectably universal. In this half-century range of stories, there are tales to delight every taste."—Ann Charters

University Press of Kentucky

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