December 18, 2015
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Freedom and Solidarity

Toward New Beginnings

The prevailing Western paradigm is modernity: a model focused on individual liberty, secularism, and the scientific control of nature. This worldview emerged from the break with the medieval and classical past and advanced a philosophy in which the solitary mind opposes the rest of the world. Although there is a simple appeal in this binary structure, history has shown that it is neither socially nor politically innocuous.

In Freedom and Solidarity, noted political theorist and humanist Fred Dallmayr seeks to bridge the gap between the self and the outside world. Drawing on new scholarship and his work with the World Public Forum Dialogue of Civilizations, a global, nongovernmental organization of distinguished thinkers, he challenges dominant worldviews and heralds new possibilities for political thought and practice. Dallmayr argues that while we need not reject all the values of modernity, it is imperative that we resist the simplifications inherent in dualism and fundamentally reassess the notions of freedom and solidarity.

Engaging a breathtaking array of influential thinkers, including Friedrich Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger, Henry David Thoreau, Gandhi, Albert Camus, John Dewey, and Dimitry Likhachev, Dallmayr explores the possibility of a transition from the modern paradigm—a mode of life presently in decay—toward a new beginning in which freedom and solidarity can be reconciled, making it possible for humanity to flourish on a global scale.

About the Author

Fred Dallmayr is Emeritus Packey J. Dee Professor of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame. He is the author or editor of more than thirty books, including Being in the World: Dialogue and Cosmopolis and Comparative Political Theory.


"Dallmayr is a master in his field. What makes his work so valuable in the context of today's discussions is his global perspective. Freedom and Solidarity is a distillate of the worldview of a very decent, widely read, widely travelled, thoughtful human being who has consistently sought to tread paths to peace and equilibrium."—William L. McBride, author of Philosophical Reflections on the Changes in Eastern Europe

"Fred Dallmayr has done it again! In his new collection of essays, Dallmayr reminds us why he is one of our most insightful political philosophers. Whether his interlocutor is Camus or Dewey, Confucius or Heidegger, Dallmayr always has something illuminating to say. For those who share Dallmayr's belief that political philosophy needs to transcend the usual cultural and disciplinary borders, this volume provides indispensable reading."—William E. Scheuerman, author of The Realist Case for Global Reform

"In this tantalizing book, Fred Dallmayer provides an argument for the reconciliation of freedom and solidarity maintaining that the old paradigms that link either freedom and equality or autonomy and individuality fail to reconcile the radical implications of freedom linked to a dynamic understanding of the social. Freedom and Solidarity hints at a new 'axial' constellation whose foundation is truly global, combining resources from both East and West. For those interested in the reconfiguration of modernity, this book is essential."—David M. Rasmussen, Editor-In-Chief, Philosophy and Social Criticism

9780813165783 : freedom-and-solidarity-dallmayr
250 Pages
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