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February 3, 2000
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Behind Japanese Lines

An American Guerrilla in the Philippines

Behind Japanese Lines has a great deal to say about the relations with the Filipinos and about the problems of dealing with and fighting the Hukbalahaps, the communist guerrillas or, indeed, in opposing the Japanese. This book adds considerable insights into the significance of guerrilla warfare as it relates to modern warfare in general.


"Stands out for the vividness of its detail, its effort to sort fact from legend, and its tribute to the heroism of the resistance movement, which was almost entirely Filipino."—Choice

"A thrilling, informative book."—Ex-POW Bulletin

"Hunt tells his own harrowing tale as a guerrilla fighter, how he formed fighting groups, their fears, illnesses and reflections on the outcome of the years in the Hell of the Pacific."—Historical Media Review

"An exceptionally valuable contribution."—Military

"Makes war novels look pale. The book is engaging because it is as candid as the law allows."—Washington Times

"An exceptionally well written, eye witness narrative that is a much appreciated and welcome contribution to the growing library of World War II literature regarding combat operations in the Pacific Theater."—Wisconsin Bookwatch

"A first-person account of life with the Philippine guerrillas of World War II, written by an air force sergeant who spent three years in central Luzon."—Booklist

"General Hunt's arguments deserve detailed consideration and his book should be read by all serious students of the Vietnam War."—David T. Zabecki, Vietnam Magazine

University Press of Kentucky

9780813109862 : behind-japanese-lines-hunt-norling
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