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The Korean War

No Victors, No Vanquished

The Korean War has been termed "The Forgotten War" or the "Unknown War." It is a conflict which never assumed the mythic character of the American Civil War or World War II. However, this book asserts, it would be impossible to understand the Cold War and indeed post 1945 global history without knowledge of the Korean War.

Providing a history of the Korean peninsula before the war and including a detailed analysis of the fighting itself, The Korean War goes beyond the battlefield to deal with the war in the air, ground attack, and air evacuation. The study also evaluates the contributions of the UN naval forces, the impact of the war on various homefronts and issues such as defectors, opposition to the war, racial segregation and integration, POWs and the media.

Recently-released Soviet documents are used to assess the role of China, the Soviet Union, North and South Korea and the allied forces in the conflict. This fascinating work offers a unique analysis of the Korean War and will be invaluable to students of twentieth-century history, particularly those concerned with American and Pacific history.

About the Author

Stanley Sandler, assistant command historian at the United States Special Operations Command, is the author of Segregated Skies: The All-Black USAAF Units of World War II.


"Provides a clear, concise, and well-balanced account of the Korean War."—Armor

"Provocative. . . . Throws new light on many aspects of the Korean War and casts doubt on much conventional wisdom. . . . Unquestionably and notably augments the literature on a conflict that decisively affected the ultimate outcome of the cold war and the fate of Korea."—Booklist

"A welcome addition, especially because of the inclusion of Soviet-era documents that clear up several questions concerning the war."—Bowling Green Daily News

"Sandler's excellent book is a single-volume, concise history of the Korean War."—Choice

"Brings the history of the war into a single handy volume."—Fayetteville (NC) Observer

"Sander has improved on previous short histories of the war with his incorporation of the new archival material."—History

"A first-class history of the war."—History Today

"Sandler has produced a text that is a contender for the distinction of being the best work in this narrow field."—Indiana Magazine of History

"Chinese and Russian documents recently made public have shed new light on battlefield decisions. Benefiting from this newly declassified material as well as established sources, Sandler offers a timely new look at the war."—Library Journal

"Not only gives insight into the war that began in 1950, but points to its relevance in understanding the present situation in North and South Korea."—McCormick Messenger

"The book reads smoothly, and the reader will find much that is both useful and . . . thought-provoking."—Parameters

"Covers everything you ever wanted to know about the war-torn peninsula of Korea."—Proceedings

"Argues that the beginning of the end of the Soviet Union can be traced to President Harry Truman's 1950 decision to send troops to the aid of South Korea."—U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings

"A more expert and specialized attention to military detail than most other books on the subject, and it provides insight into many peripheral aspects of the fighting not hitherto explored."—Virginia Quarterly Review

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