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December 12, 1996
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The Klan

" First published in 1978, The Klan is considered the best book on the grandfather of all extremist hate groups. Now, in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing and other domestic terrorist activities that are the legacy of Klan violence, it is more timely than ever. Realizing the continuing relevance of this book, Patsy Sims has revised it for the first time since its initial publication, adding a new preface and updating the individual chapters. An award-winning journalist, Sims drove more than 1,200 miles over the back roads of the South to begin this book. During two years of research and writing she talked, rallied, and kept in almost constant telephone contact with Klan leaders and members. The result was more than 150n hours of taped interviews revealing the personal experiences of the Klanspeople and their victims. These she wove together with history and contemporary news events for a riveting look inside the organization at the peak of it power.


"If I had to read one book about the hooded order, it would be Patsy Sims's The Klan ."—Morris Dees, co-founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center and author of Gather

"The interviews, plums in any reporter's pie, are fascinating studies enriched by the writer's research."—Philadelphia Inquirer

"That her subjects talked so freely is a tribute to her skill."—Publisher's Weekly

"Sims's classic 1978 study of the revitalized Invisible Empire, The Klan , has just been reissued. . . . There are obvious echoes of today's new militias in the seventies Klan rhetoric that Sims recreated verbatim."—The Nation

"Fascinative and valuable, perhaps the closest thing to a modern history yet compiled about the Klan movement."—Chicago Tribune

"Provides some excellent insight into the leadership of the 1970s Klan."—Illinois Historical Journal

"Readers interested in racism, the psychology of hate, civil rights, and all of the other issues revolving around the continuing 'American dilemma' will find this work to be a valuable addition to their library."—JASAT

University Press of Kentucky


9780813108872 : the-klan-sims
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